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Starbucks’ New Montague Street Locale Opens Saturday

The new Starbucks location at 134 Montague Street opens for business Saturday May 12, as the windows at the previous store at 112 Montague were covered in brown paper Friday night, with an arrow pointing up the street. As previously reported, the new space at the former Nine West shoe store will sacrifice major window […]

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Relocated Montague Street Starbucks Will Open In May

As BHB tipped in February, Starbucks is relocating eastward on Montague Street, from 112 to 134, site of the former Nine West shoes, which closed in July 2010. Today, signage appeared outside the new store, which a construction crew member told us will open in May. Below: First look inside. While the new space will […]

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Montague Street, Meet Your New Starbucks

It’s been rumored for a couple months, but confirmation is now at hand: Starbucks at 112 Montague Street is moving east… to 134 Montague Street, site of the former Nine West shoes, which closed in July 2010. While the current space will lose a lot of window vistas along the front, the folks at Heights […]

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Brooklyn Heights Coffee Shop Asks for One Drink per Hour of Wifi Use

Vineapple [71 Pineapple Street] is a welcome addition to Brooklyn Heights and the first comfortable cafe in the North Heights to provide free wi-fi access. That gambit has been very successful so far for the coffee shop in the sense that it’s a great traffic builder. But we’ve noticed that some folks take advantage of […]

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Take the Latte and Run

A reader tipped us off to this New York Times article about thieves who prey on Starbucks customers. As if the price of a triple-grande skim latte weren’t high enough, now you have to worry about your bag getting swiped. “You can let your guard down — people are sitting down and talking and using […]

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Montague Street Starbucks Open but No Snacks for You!

Mrs. Fink made it out of the house this morning to discover that the  Montague Street Starbucks had hot, steamy coffee but no baked goods and snacks at all.  No plowing, no deliveries means  no snacks for you!  The store has kept regular hours over the holiday despite the weather.

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CB2 Hearing on Starbucks Sidewalk Cafe Tomorrow

“Huh?” you’re saying to yourself, “Hasn’t Starbucks on Montague had tables outside during the warm months for the last gosh-knows-how-many years? Don’t they have a permit?” Fact is, they don’t. So, since someone has now noticed, they need to jump through the proper hoops. There will be a hearing before the Community Board 2 land […]

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New Details Emerge in Starbucks Slap Heard ‘Round the Web

While the NYPD and Starbucks have remained mum about Monday’s Starbucks slap that became a viral sensation, new details are emerging about the incident. According to a tipster, the “Slapper” was a bald man who was not a regular customer at the coffee shop, but was with a regular.

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BHB’s Starbucks Dad Slap Story Goes Viral

Yesterday’s post about a Brooklyn Heights Dad being slapped by another patron at the Montague Street Starbucks has gone viral, as we believe is the vernacular.

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Dad Slapped at Starbucks: Brooklyn Heights Justice or Just Plain Crazy?

This dispatch just in from a BHB tipster claiming that a Brooklyn Heights Dad got a schmack on the head from another patron at the Montague Street Starbucks. Allegedly, the smacker  felt that the smackee was not parenting properly by ignoring his fidgety baby while waiting on a latte.  Do we call it instant justice […]

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