Take the Latte and Run

A reader tipped us off to this New York Times article about thieves who prey on Starbucks customers. As if the price of a triple-grande skim latte weren’t high enough, now you have to worry about your bag getting swiped.

“You can let your guard down — people are sitting down and talking and using their laptops,” said Capt. Mark DiPaolo of the 84th Precinct in Brooklyn Heights, home to a Court Street Starbucks that has been the scene of four bag thefts this year. “It is a comfort zone that people have.”

No word yet on when the Times be doing a piece on Planet Fitness.

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  • philica

    Are the people getting their bags stolen at Starbucks tourists or something? Because I don’t know any native New Yorker that would leave their bag unattended at ANY establishment.