Relocated Montague Street Starbucks Will Open In May

As BHB tipped in February, Starbucks is relocating eastward on Montague Street, from 112 to 134, site of the former Nine West shoes, which closed in July 2010. Today, signage appeared outside the new store, which a construction crew member told us will open in May. Below: First look inside.

While the new space will sacrifice major window vistas along the front, the folks at Heights Vision next door told BHB in February that it is deeper and actually offers more square footage.

It decided to relocate because the one-story building at 112 Montague was a constant source of roof leaks and plumbing issues. Meanwhile, its new destination at 134 Montague is being completely gutted and rebuilt, including the residential above.

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)
Above, Starbucks new location at 134 Montague Street. Below, so long, 112 Montague! Bottom: February 2012.

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  • C.

    Looks depressing. No window space. No natural light. No people watching. Airport terminal like atmosphere.

  • She’s Crafty

    I honestly don’t see how this space could be larger than the one where it is now. Perhaps this will be good for Connecticut Muffin, who have cheaper coffee and a light, bright space.

  • cat

    Too bad. I know there were issues with the roof leaking or something in the current space, but agree with C. regarding the new space. It looks narrow, crowded and not that comfortable. Maybe they don’t want people to hang out at Starbucks anymore.

  • Neil

    Who’s the chowhound who couldn’t wait for opening day?

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting – from a marketing/brand awareness standpoint, the new one is really much less visible from the street. From the signage to the overall storefront size to the amount of window space to the position on Montague, it’s a quieter presence. But maybe that’s part of their strategy. Starbucks has over-expanded in recent years and this could be a more affordable space to run.

  • hoppy

    How does natural light or windows matter if your face is buried in a macbook for hours on end?

  • David on Middagh

    The old Starbucks sign was too loud and funky for a shop that wasn’t actually exciting. I like the new sign much better.

  • X

    Too narrow of a path to the register.

    It won’t allow ppl leaving and entering the store at the same time.


  • Flashlight Worthy

    Wow. This new space looks like a bad idea. Not that they enter all that often, but how is a parent with a stroller supposed to fit down that narrow alley between all the tables?

  • Arch Stanton

    Why don’t you try leaving the f@#’n stroller outside.

  • El Gato

    This is Starbucks people. Who cares!!! Support your local coffee shop!

  • It Is What It Ain’t

    The reduction in window space is a blessing in disguise. It will increase the likelihood that the oafs who take up all of the space in the front of the existing Starbucks, for hours on end because they have nothing better to do than stare out the window, will finally go away and let legitimate customers retake the space and use it as it is supposed to be used. Am I wrong?

  • Mark

    It Is What It Ain’t,

    Yes, you are.

  • x

    I suppose it will drive more business to the Joralemon st Starbucks.

  • PromGal

    Let’s face it, Starbucks has issues. Not because it is a chain, but because the owner is a 60’s era radical who specifically forbids store managers from preventing squatters and homeless from setting up shop in a retail business supposedly designed to cater to customers.
    The store is a pigsty, the restrooms are revoltingly filthy, and the staff can do nothing.
    There have been people bringing in their own food and coffee, and a dog, and staying for hours on end. Staff couldn’t make them leave.
    Brooklyn Heights needs a real café, something like Financier in lower Manhattan. A charming, spotlessly clean place, with delicious coffee, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, polite, friendly service… and at prices cheaper than Starbucks!

  • Jorale-man

    @Promgal I couldn’t agree more. I really hope the management of the new store runs a tighter ship.

    One chain that could do well on Montague is Aroma. I’m no proponent of chains but given the economics of Montague that could actually be a good fit. The ones I’ve been to on Houston St. and W. 72nd St. are clean, modern and have excellent coffee. And because they don’t have big armchairs everywhere they don’t get the riffraff squatters either.

  • Montague News

    It is so obvious. They are moving closer to the court buildings so to stop traffic half a block away diverted to Pain Quotidian and Connecticut Muffin. Shorter distance=convenience profit

  • PromGal

    Aroma sounds good! There already is a Starbucks near Tge courthouse. The reason they are moving are building repair and rent issues.
    I like Financier because it is a well run, well kept real cafe. Started by a French pastry chef with one store, and now expanded to ten. Is that a chain? They do have a single bakery and Tge pastries and baked goods are outstanding.
    I hate drinking coffee from a paper cup, and enjoy my pastry served on a plate with a real knife and fork, not plastic. At the end of the day, whatever hasn’t sold is given to a food bank, not left to sit and get sold stale the next day.
    The most amazing thing? Their prices are lower than Starbucks and Tazza, both real dumps with low quality product and very overpriced.
    It is worth the trip however to walk down the hill to Almondine in DUMBO, where the pastries and bread are first rate, even if the coffe is served in paper cups. Again, the finest quality, at lower prices than Tazza, which has gotten ridiculously overpriced and let’s its unsold goods sit for days in the display case.