Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper: In Case You Missed ‘Em

Photo by Mrs. Fink

Photo by Mrs. Fink

It was a busy week and just in case you were too busy to catch everything here are last week’s highlights:

BHA Meeting Full Recap

Marty: Dock Street Dumbo is Like Root Canal!

Updated Rendering of Sleepy’s on Montague

Marty Supports – Sort of – Dock Street DUMBO

Confessions of a Lab Lady: Travels with Daisy

Fixes Begin at 194 Columbia Heights

BHA House Tour Date Announced

Armando’s May Return to Montague Street

American Idol’s Date in Brooklyn Heights

The inspiration for this series

Two Years Ago on BHB: Brooklyn Dojo Opens, Jack the Horse Honored by BHA

One Year Ago on BHB: Packer Student Speaks Out about Bomb Scare, Buy Magnetic Field!

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  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    I can’t believe Mag Field has been closed almost a year already. In retrospect, the landlord seems quite stupid to have let that business close rather than reduce the rent. He/she must be loving having an empty space for so long.

    (Though I am bias, as I miss that bar and its regulars even more).

  • Jay

    Don’t worry TBE, something has to happen with that place. I wonder if anyone has tried to contract said landlord to see what kind of deal could be worked out for a reduced rent in this time of tough markets? perhaps some sort of “Gentlemans Club” (not the kind with ladies and poles, although there is nothing wrong with that) might fit well in that place….