Brooklyn Heights: Blizzard Devastation

What happens when Homer Fink takes the official Brooklyn Bugle Flipcam out in a blizzard?  Shaky footage and dramatic music!

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  • Bob


  • Homer Fink

    Didn’t you get the feeling of BREAKING NEWS!!!! I know I did.

  • Publius

    The music is so wildly inappropriate. I love it!!!!

  • Nancy

    much ado about nothing.
    We barely got six inches.

  • ipd

    What’s amazing is how little is plowed in Brooklyn Heights. Isn’t Mike Bloomberg running for re-election? This is shades of Linsay and Queens. Not smart politics to not plow in in an election year.

  • AEB

    Loved the music, too. Has that nice, turgid, clattery quality so beloved of commercial TV news aural lead-ins.

    Could have profitably used “The Ride of the Valkyries,” too.

    Re Nancy, above: “…we barely got six inches.” A common complaint, no?

  • AEB

    Ipd, must take issue. My little stretch of Hicks near Middagh, has been plowed three–count ’em, three–times since the storm began. The first plowing occurring at four this AM.

    I was…humbled and proud.

  • bornhere

    Very funny, AEB! And to me, fresh slush smells like … victory. (And now for the carping: can’t Corcoran and some of the Montague haunts, like the Sleepy’s building, get their shoveling act together?)

  • GHB

    I noticed this morning that the house on the SE corner of Willow and Clark actually shoveled their sidewalk! First time… EVER!!!! Must have gotten an earful after the last storm.

  • mhon

    You’re a natural! Looks great — keep making more flicks! The music kept me on the edge of my seat.