Marty Supports — Sort of — Dock Street DUMBO!

Borough President Marty Markowitz has filed his letter of support for the contentious Dock Street residential project in DUMBO, following a public hearing he held on Jan. 28.

We will have a copy of Marty’s letter for you soon, but in the meantime, the New York Times City Room blog writes:

[Markowitz] suggested that the developer, Two Trees Management Company, make the tower taller — 25 stories instead of 18 — and more slender. He also asked the developer to move the building, which is bordered by Dock, Front and Water Streets, about 70 feet farther away from Front Street. He also urged that the developer cut two stories off a nine-story wing of the building along Water Street. Those measures, Mr. Markowitz asserted, will protect views of the bridge.

Jed Walentas, a principal in Two Trees Management, said that he needed more time to review Mr. Markowitz’s suggestions and figure out how with his team how to incorporate them into the overall design. But he was very pleased to receive Mr. Markowitz’s support.

Markowitz’s suggestions are only advisory, and now the project goes before the City Planning department for its next step in the seven-month public review process.

On Jan. 15, Community Board 2 approved the project with a 30-7 vote. But the BHB Community voted against the project earlier this month, with more than half the respondents of a poll saying to stop the project. One third said, “build it.”

Markowitz rejected the Walentas’ first plan, charging that it was out of context with its surroundings. Two Trees went back to the drawing board, and came back last year with a version that was set back further from the Brooklyn Bridge and also included the contentious middle school.

Update: Statement from Two Trees:

“We are pleased that the Brooklyn Borough President is supportive of the Dock Street DUMBO rezoning, and will carefully consider his comments. It is wonderful that Borough President Markowitz has added his voice to the chorus of support for the Dock Street DUMBO proposal which includes the overwhelmingly favorable vote of Community Board #2, strong support from Council Member Letitia James as well as other elected officials; hundreds of local residents and business owners; and the parents of Brooklyn who want to see a middle school at this site. We look forward to presenting Dock Street DUMBO to the City Planning Commission and to the New York City Council.”

Update: Slight correction, from Markowitz’s spokeswoman Laura Sinagra:

“He is not supporting the project. He supports the usage — changing the usage from manufacturing to residential and parking, but he rejects the current configuration of the building and has recommendations for reconfiguration.”

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  • Publius

    Marty Markowitz sells the Brooklyn Bridge.

    To your eternal shame and legacy, Dear Marty.

  • Nancy

    He wants the building to be taller?
    Ha! Marty you’re a card!
    Who’s bringing the oxygen tank and defribilator to the BHA office?

  • nabeguy

    I wrote letters to Marty, Daniel, and David on the topic. So far, only Squadron has responded to me by saying he was still putting together a staff to look into all the issues raised in constituents letters. Not much there, but at least he invested in the stamp. As for Markowitz, no matter how tall they make this thing, it will forever be in the shadow of his monumental ego.

  • Matt

    Nimby Nimby Nimby. You dont own the bridge, you dont have any ‘right’ to a bridge view. Sorry someone is building in your way, but that is life, get over it and grow up.

    Building near the Brooklyn Bridge…like Brando said ‘the horror’.

  • fulton ferry res

    Matt – take a walk on the Bridge walkway and then get back to us.

  • Endeavor

    So on we go to the public hearing next week. Hopefully the City Planning folks will see the light as well and we will be 3 for 0 ;)

  • Matt

    Nimby Nimby Nimby

  • my2cents

    I can’t believe it took so long for Marty’s check to clear. Maybe he can put a new sign on the brooklyn bridge causeway:
    “Miss the view? Fuhgeddaboudit!”

  • Vox Populi

    Dear Marty:

    Kiss your position and any hope of future elected office goodbye.

    Maybe Jed can keep you on the payroll.


    Your Constituents

  • davoyager

    Bravo Marty, putting Brooklyn’s good ahead of narrow self interest.
    I think there should be a school included in every high rise development. This perfectly reasonable project dwarfed by Trump or Rattner and many others has faced an irrational opposition. I have walked over that wonderful bridge more days than many in the opposition have lived in this neighborhood and in my opinion the building as planned improves the view rather than damages it.
    Seriously, let’s hope they secure the finances and actually get to build this thing during this ongoing economic disaster. We need this school and more. We need more green buildings built so old polluting inefficient buildings can be replaced. We need affordable housing. We need the jobs.
    A great decision deeply considered. Well done Marty.

  • jiker

    yay! another luxury high rise. just what we need more of!

  • voter

    Marty- Don’t count the $ from those campaign donation checks from the other night. Many have been stopped.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    Thanks to Marty for his support on this controversial project. His suggestions are worthy of consideration. His support is undoubtedly anchored by the inclusion of the middle school. Let’s make our neighborhood the case study for improving public schools. We’ve proven we can at PS 8. Let’s work together and build a great middle school.


    Carlo Trigiani

  • HDEB

    Too bad no one saved Fort Greene Park, I am upset that it was destroyed by Oro and Toren. I was also upset when Beacon Tower and J-condo destroyed part of the East River. Interesting how something can cease to exist because my view of it was blocked.
    Save the Brooklyn Bridge?!?

  • http://Brooklynheightsblog Shocked

    Shame on you Marty, when I hear you speak with such pride regaurding our new president and “change is here”, well if this si the type of change we are going to be seeing, give me very little faith in our public officials. You have lost a tremendous amount of respect from fellow Brooklynites. Call me naive, but how can you flip so quick from 2004 when you rejected the plan, charging that it was out of context with its surroundings, and then suggest a 25 story tower. I do not accept the “as of right” claim more like and “as of right cop out”. Not only are you supporting the Dock Street rezoning, you are not requiring Two Trees to include the middle school, only the affordable housing that they can give to employees family and friends.. it just shows the whole process is a total farce.