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Bookcases Getting the Heave-Ho at Hotel St George

They must be redecorating the dorm rooms at the Hotel St George, because a tipster sent us this photo with the message, “Disappointed in EHS dumping all of these bookcases into the trash. Isn’t there a Brooklyn org that uses old wood to make new things?” Anyone able to salvage a few?

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Hotel St. George Sign Returns To Henry Street In Brooklyn Heights

The iconic Hotel St. George sign on the corner of Henry and Clark Streets has been refurbished and returned to Brooklyn Heights this morning. Michael Correra at Michael Towne Wines and Spirits wrote us to say that the sign is looking great thanks to the hard work of the folks at Paul’s Signs. BHB reader […]

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Hotel St. George Sign Taken Away for Repairs

The Hotel St. George’s iconic neon sign has been taken off the building for repairs. Sources close to the situation tell us the removal was necessary because the sign was not grounding properly to be fixed on site.

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Mystery Moisture from St. George Dorms – Yuck!

File this one under : whaddyagonna do?  

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Another Saturday Night of Bacchanalia at the St. George

This photo from a tipster shows the spoils of another crazy Saturday night near the St. George dorms at Henry and Clark Streets.  On Friday night, neighbors were “treated” to a wee hours brawl on Pineapple Street. So if we’re headed back to the bad old days of the 70s on Clark and Henry, why […]

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Students Go Wild on Pineapple Street

In what probably felt like a throwback to the bad old days of the Hotel St. George, Pineapple Street residents were “treated” to loud late night fisticuffs reportedly between dorm students early Saturday morning.  One resident sent this dispatch: There was a fight Friday night under the sidewalk shed on Pineapple Street just east of […]

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St. George Architect: Trashed Mosaic Was Dangerous

The Brooklyn Eagle picked up on BHB’s coverage of  the demolition of the St. George Hotel mural and comes back with this report: Brooklyn Eagle: Mosiac at St. George…: Regardless of its historical value, however, the mosaic had to go, said the architect in charge of the work, Walter C. Maffei. “The mural over the […]

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Heights History: Hotel St. George Pool Poster

From the BHB Inbox, Eddy writes: Hi, I thought it might be nice to share the attached scan of St George Pool ad art…. not sure of the year (guess is the 50’s-60’s) but it was found in the hotel after it closed in the early 80’s (my friends and I used to explore it […]

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St. George Mural Destroyed, Dumped

To paraphrase Gil Scott Heron: The first thing we have to say is: landmark my a**. It seems odd that in a neighborhood known for its fierce defense of architecture and craftsmanship that it was so easy for workers at the Hotel St. George to demolish the mural that adorned one of its walls for […]

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Heights History: Hotel St. George , 1900

Shorpy.com writes about this photo: “Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, circa 1900-1906.” Plus a ghost or two in this time exposure of the hotel’s Clark Street facades. This Brooklyn Heights landmark, which by the 1930s was New York’s largest hotel, with 2,632 rooms in a complex of buildings spread over a block, started with the 10-story […]

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