Hotel St. George Sign Taken Away for Repairs

The Hotel St. George’s iconic neon sign has been taken off the building for repairs. Sources close to the situation tell us the removal was necessary because the sign was not grounding properly to be fixed on site.

Photo: Heather Quinlan/BHB

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    Good riddance.

  • Knight

    It’s not actually “riddance” if it’s just going offsite for repairs. It will likely come back brighter … and with all of the letters functioning.

  • Wiley E.

    Hope it wasn’t damaged by a student jumper.

  • Gerry

    Knight is right the light will be back in sight one night soon.

  • Jorale-man

    I love the Hotel St. George sign. Old-school neon after all. I hope it’s coming back.

  • Newshound

    That part of the Heights is dumpy.

  • GHB

    I love seeing old neon brought back to life.

  • DIBS

    What a bunch of crotchety old fools you are.

  • Brooklyn Mom

    Wiley E. – hug your loved ones and be kind – please…

  • Newshound

    I liked Wiley E.’s comment. It’s pretty sad that all that valuable real estate is student dorms. What a waste.

  • Gerry

    @ Newshound – you are right that part of the Heights is a dumpy area really crummy not prime Brooklyn Heights like where I live.

    Student dorms are better than the slum the St. George had been in the 1980s it had been a welfare hotel full of crime and drugs.

    This is a difficult parcel of real estate to develop its better as a dorm than a slum.

  • GHB

    That’s right Gerry… tell the people who live in that immediate area that it sucks. I wouldn’t want to live next to the dorms either, but to describe the area as “dumpy” and “crummy” makes you look like a d-bag (for something new and different.)

  • MonroeOrange

    Gerry, you have completely ruined this blog. Newshound must be your wife, same elitist attitude. I live in that area, my house is far from dumpy. And montage terrace has the worst rat problem in the heights, but do you hear me calling it dumpy? As a life long Bh resident, you make me sick. I’m so glad that I don’t live anywhere near you. Your wife must be so proud every person on this blog thinks your a horrible person who contributors nothing to this neighborhood!

    Homer I haven’t been reading the blog often anymore cause of Gerry, and met someone the other day who has stopped reading as well bc of him. Can you ban him? Your impression and advertising dollars would immediately increase ten fold!

  • Newshound

    Wow. You want to ban someone because you do not agree with him. Typical liberal. You should be ashamed for even suggesting banning anyone.

  • Gerry

    @ GHB – I said the area is crummy and dumpy i did NOT say that it “sucks” I never use the term “sucks” it is vulgar and most who do use that term DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!

    I will say “it stinks” and will NOT say “it sucks”

    Tell us GHB does your mother say “it sucks” also?

    We do not use profanity or vulgar language here we are way too upscale for profanity, vulgar language, etc..

    @ MonroeOrange – Newshound is no relation to us – Newshound used the word “dumpy” I agreed with that term and added “crummy”.

    Neither words are a TOS Violation or illegal both are in the dictionary and so Homer has no problem with my post.

    The section of Brooklyn Heights near the St. George is rundown and blighted looks crummy to me – thats MY opinion can you dig it?

    If you dont like my posts skip over them do not read them.

    We have no rat problems here the rats are on Remsen Street by the Promenade no rats near my house.

  • Mr. Crusty

    What an incredible blowhard.

    Is that a vulgar and/or illegal word I wonder?

  • MonroeOrange

    Newshound, your obviously new to this site if you think having Gerry agree with you is a good thing!

    Gerry, just bc your language doesn’t violate the tos doesn’t make it right.

    Here are some terms that don’t violate the tos: Gerry is an elitist arrogant blowhard, whom has singlehandledly alienated everyone on this blog. I see in another thread that someone wrote ‘Gerry is real I unfortunately met him’, so you also alienate people in person not just in cyber space.

    You must be so proud to have built this reputation in the short time you have been posting on here. I met people in the bar the other day whom upon hearing your name lashed out at what a Jerk you are. Your family must be really proud of you…..

    And feel free to not read my posts either, but remember just bc you don’t read them, doesn’t mean what I say isn’t valid.

    If the majority of people think your a jerk, they must have good reason to think so, and you give them a reason everytime you write something on here.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Here, here MomroeOrange. My sentiments exactly. But I don’t support banning him. He is entitled to his views no matter how misguided they may be.

  • WillowNabe

    Mr. Crusty,
    You found the perfect word to describe Gerry!
    And to think that he considers himself “upscale”.
    I’ve never met a person with class who went around bragging about it.

  • James

    I thought this blog entry was about a sign…

  • Gerry

    @ MonroOrange – Clearly you are confused – again.

    Somehow you got an idea that I care about your opinion of me, or your opinion of anything else in creation?

    An elitist yes thats true I do hold myself and my family in a VERY high regard – you would too if you had the life that we have here in Brooklyn Heights the world is at my feet.

    When I look back at the 20 years that have passed since I left school I can see that most everything I have touched has turned to gold and for that I am grateful.

    But I could care less about you opinion of me or anthing else and thats a fact.

  • Gerry

    @ WillowNabe – bet your rear end that we are upscale, affluent, edicated, and dedicated to humanity.

    I strongly suspect that I have so much more of ALL of the good things that life has to offer than you have.

    It is not fair that you take your hosility for your lackluster situation your unhappiness out on me — yes i have everything AND YOU DONT!

    And you opinion is another one that I could care less about.

  • Thruxton

    Gerry you are the furthest thing from upscale bud. You may be upscale in the bubble you live in but not in real life.

    I personally think Montague Terrace is the ghetto of BK Heights.

  • WillowNabe

    Where were you edicated????

  • Thruxton

    @Gerry- I have never in my life witnessed a more self centered, elitist, arrogant, and ignorant person in all my life. Who are you to come on this blog and tell someone straight up that you have ALL the good things in life and they don’t?

    I really want to know the answer to this question.

    I really think the moderators of this blog need to step in and put this guy in his place. If they don’t there will be a mob on Montague Terrace one day to handle it themselves.