Students Go Wild on Pineapple Street

In what probably felt like a throwback to the bad old days of the Hotel St. George, Pineapple Street residents were “treated” to loud late night fisticuffs reportedly between dorm students early Saturday morning.  One resident sent this dispatch:

There was a fight Friday night under the sidewalk shed on Pineapple Street just east of Hicks Street between students from the Pace University dorm on Henry in the old St George about 2am. This started with 2 people, grew to three, then more joined in. Actual argument changed into a fight with people running out into the street, girls and boys joined in together, about 7-8 participants. I called 911 several times, but it was about 20 minutes until a police car showed up.

I left my name and phone number with 911. Action stopped when I opened my window and screamed out “We called 911!” Participants mostly headed off toward Henry Street.

Back in the day, regular brawls and altercations were part of everyday life in and around the St. George.  Now that rowdy students seem to be moving in regularly (Guder and Rex were dormers), is it time for the “dorm experiment” to end?

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  • AEB

    Fisticuffs? In BH? Say it ain’t so! Forgive me if I don’t take this with utmost gravity, but youth will occasionally…act immaturely. (As we know, adults would never do such a thing.)

    Hope, however, that no one was hurt!

  • JB

    Time for the dorm experiment to end? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s hard to think of a better use for that odd collection of buildings. I think the kids overall have been a great benefit to the neighborhood. God bless ’em.

  • No One of Consequence

    I heard this and looked out to see the police arrive and the participants flee.
    Hope they didn’t wake up the homeless guy who has been camped under the sidewalk shed for a week.

  • No One of Consequence

    oh, and I don’t feel that they add anything to the “nabe” but an annoyance.

  • Jo

    This happens on the Clark St. side as well, particularly once the weather gets better and the students start hanging outside to smoke and return from nights out drinking.

    In general though, it is more just being loud and rowdy than fighting. Not that it is any better for the residence nearby (nor the students trying to sleep) but at least no one gets hurt. Police are usually slow to respond if it just them being loud. Seems no different with the fighting from what the OP stated.

    EHS (the co. that runs these places) seems to care even less and the individuals who man the entries to the building are entirely unresponsive.

  • nabeguy

    Back in what day, Homer? Could you be more specific?

  • lifer

    Back in the day, I remember being chased out of Club Wildfire with some friends (we were all on roller skates and barely teens). It didnt result in fisticuffs, though, all of our fighting was done in Squibb Park.

  • Pace alumnus

    “Back in the day, regular brawls and altercations were part of everyday life in and around the St. George. Now that rowdy students seem to be moving in regularly (Guder and Rex were dormers), is it time for the “dorm experiment” to end?”

    That neighborhood should welcome more students. Students are generally well behaved and bring money into the neighborhood. Would you prefer to go back to the old days of “regular brawls and altercations”?

  • Monty

    Jeez, Homer. Way to break the first rule of Fight Club.

  • Bob

    While I don’t subscribe to the theory of “kids will be kids, so give them a pass”, I also don’t subscribe to the theory that since some acted like this we should “end the dorm experiment” You remember what it was like BEFORE the “experiment”? Crack whores hanging out in front of the St.George, being harassed by 1/2 naked people in the Clark Street Station. Drunks all over the place?
    I’ll vote to keep the students there, thank you very much

  • jorale-man

    From the NY Times, describing the 1970s and 80s:
    “At the same time the many elderly tenants still in the older hotel section were the victims of muggings by drug addicts and derelicts who had access to what had become one of the city’s largest problem buildings, with a topless club called Wild Fyre on the ground floor.”

  • Adam

    It’s amazing how many residents of this neighborhood think they live in Westchester. This is NEW YORK CITY! We should just airlift BH to upstate New York.

  • roky

    Amen, Adam. And I’m glad people on this thread seem to realize the alternative to students isn’t tea-drinking Brits setting up a chess club in there.

  • communitarian

    It’s amazing how many residents of this neighborhood think they live in a respect-free-zone! This is a NEIGHBORHOOD! We should just airlift folks who think that thinking about other people is a character flaw to wherever they can be as selfish as they wanna be together.

  • ABC

    wait, students got into a fight? cops were called? kids scattered?

    wow. whatever can happen next!

    I have no issue with the kids. nice to have younger people around. I feel for them being here tho. What the hell is there to do? When I was in college you could smoke pot in your room without much fear and then go out and drink. Legally! Now they sit and smoke tobacco outside. I really do feel for them.

    I think the least EHS could do is to put a coffee shop down in that basement so they had a place to go. Or an all-night cafeteria. Or a lounge. It seems a little pathetic

  • my2cents

    Old timers said the fight was the most excitement they’d seen in years, and promptly fell back asleep…

  • HeightsDiva

    As a college drop out students annoy me in general. Especially the fashion crimes they commit daily by standing in sweatpants and hoodies in public smoking outdoors. They should arrest anyone who wears a hoodie in public unless they are at the gym.

  • WillowtownCop

    Perhaps I am getting old, but to me, “kids” whose antics might be excused generally fall into the early to mid teens category. These “kids” are well into their twenties and should behave (and dress) like the adults they think they are.

  • No One of Consequence

    I don’t think that the students’ financial contribution would be outweighed by revenue generated by tourists (if the new dorm was a hotel like it was originally supposed to be) or by new residents of luxury rentals or co-ops/condos (because everything is “luxury” these days).
    The students’ money (as if it really wasn’t their parents’) seems to be spent largely on cigarettes.

    I also don’t think it would devolve back to crack-whore-dom. When you spend all your money on crack (does anyone even do crack anymore?) it’s hard to make $4000/mo rent or to get a mortgage.

  • Phil

    Oh waa waa! A street fight in Brooklyn? Who would have predicted? Any guns go off? Anyone get stabbed? Roll over and go back to sleep.

  • landlord

    well said, willowtown. anyone over 18 is NOT a kid! they should airlift ALL of the newbies in bklyn back to the cul de sacs they came from. yupsters constantly complain about shit that doesn’t concern them. so people are having an argument–stfu and mind your business!

  • nabeguy

    I heard there actually was talk of an airlift, but the restoration work on the roof precluded that.
    I guess the bad-old days were during those years when I foolishly left the Heights in my 20’s to make a bid for immortality in Manhattan, although I did hear some Ripley’s-worth stories.
    In general, the students seem to have made little impact on the neighborhood from what I can see, other than this fight and that one jerk that threw cinder-blocks off the roof. But, hey, I had idiot friends who did the same thing back in the 70’s, including one who threw a fire ax off the Hicks Street side that sliced through a car roof.

  • The Where

    Anyone who uses the word yuppie is really a relic.

  • landlord

    the where MUST be a yuppie.

  • The Where

    landlord – i don’t know what a yuppie is apart from what people who need to punch a clock or wear their names on their shirts for work call someone who has a real job.

  • magoo

    wtf are you talking about ‘the where’?

  • Jen

    I HATE this dorm. Our apartment backs up to the back of the Clark St. side of the dorm and they have a tendency to open their windows and blast absolutely horrible dance and R&B music, especially on Saturday nights. Does anyone know who I can call (besides 311) to complain and/or to get this to stop when it’s happening? I mean, it’s like ridiculously loud.

  • nabeguy

    Where, that actually makes sense to me.

  • ratNYC

    The where rocks

  • nabeguy

    Sometimes, I think The Where is smoking rocks, but sometime he comes through;)