Mystery Moisture from St. George Dorms – Yuck!


File this one under : whaddyagonna do?  


This summer has been one ridiculously hot, humid and crappy experience so far and the only relief comes from air conditioning.   The dorms at the St. George Hotel all have old school window AC units fitted with nifty rubber hoses for drainage.  That causes “mystery moisture” to fall to the street below near Michael Towne Wine and Spirits and the 2/3 subway entrance.  Yuck.  But whaddyagonna do?

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  • tb

    My husband says this has been dripping on him for years. Better than an actual AC falling on your head I suppose.

  • Obama?

    I think central a/c would be the way to go in a large dormitory setting like this. More efficient, cheaper, better-looking, & safer.

  • my2cents

    It’s not really mystery moisture anymore, now is it?

  • GHB

    Actually, the spray feels kinda good…

  • jarbro

    Clearly the easy way to resolve this is to install a horizontal conduit to connect all the A/C units to a central drainage hose providing a central drainage point. Much cleaner and safer than walking by and getting rained on.

  • nabeguy

    Hey’s it’s bettter than the moisutre that occurs indide the St. George

  • Jorale-man

    Perhaps it’s time the St. George re-open that swimming pool in the basement. People on the Clark Street train platform could have a tunnel to get easy access too.