84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/20/10

bugleblotter-300x1711 Vigilante Granny goes after thug who stole her bible; a gym that wasn’t Planet Fitness was robbed; and a whole slew of bank fraud went down. It’s this week’s police blotter.

I’ll start with the first report in the crime file, the case of the Vigilante Granny. I can relate because someone tried to mug me a few years ago, but I wouldn’t let go of the bag because it was Italian. My would-be mugger then took off and I followed—not sure what I would’ve done if I’d caught him, other than give him a stern talking-to, but it didn’t matter because I lost him after a block. Vigilante Granny, however, was in the zone. She was mugged at 216 Wyckoff Sunday morning on the way to church (Omar wouldn’t stand for that). And though the thief got her bag and bible, she took off after him and tracked him from Wyckoff to Bond, east on Dean and then north on Nevins before losing him. NYPD, sign this woman up! And hopefully this will teach the kid a thing or two—do NOT pick on grannies heading to church, they are fierce.

Next up is bank fraud, the theme to this week’s blotter. In my three-odd months of covering the blotter I’ve come across very few fake checks, forged checks, stolen checks, what have you. This week there are several. First occurred when Capital One accepted for deposit two forged checks totaling $7,164.06. They were alerted to the crime when the victim in Melville, LI presumably received the shock of his life after checking his balance.

Next was at the ASA Institute of Business, where someone must have aced their How To Deposit Fake Checks class. The school’s comptroller received a call from Signature Bank telling him that someone had tried to deposit two ASA checks with the same number. Further checking revealed that actually a total of nine checks had been deposited, to the tune of $17,422.

A man was arrested after trying to deposit seven stolen checks from Just Energy totaling $11,977.67. Perhaps he should’ve paced himself.

Moving on, a New York Sports Club patron may or may not have locked his locker, but someone definitely stole his credit card and charged $5,000.

Commenters have weighed in on the large amount of criminal activity on Sands St. This week a Sands St. resident was mugged, however it was while he was at Tillary and Flatbush.

Two youths were apprehended on Friday after robbing two men within minutes. A 16-year-old and an 18-year old (along with two accomplices) surrounded one man on his way to work last Friday morning around 5 a.m. and stole his iPod. Shortly after, the two split off and robbed a man at Bergen St. They were caught on 6th and Flatbush and ID’d by one of the victims.

A man stole 20 handbags from Strawberry’s on Fulton St. When a security guard tried to stop him, the thief pulled a knife and ran off with the merchandise. Which was a different MO from the twosome who stole 25 pairs of cargo pants from Ann Taylor Loft.

A Metro PCS on 4th Ave was robbed after a man walked in shortly before closing and asked for change of a $20. He then pulled a knife and asked for all the money in the register, and got away with $1,296.

Finally, the high temps must’ve gotten to the thief who stole an air conditioner from Pola Furniture. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • GHB

    What, no purses being lifted off the back of a chair in a bar/restaurant?

  • x

    I guess the price of copper went down

  • lizzyb

    Love your column and the Wire reference. Omar!

  • Andrew Porter

    There was an attempted mugging on the corner of Middagh and Hicks Sunday night. Perhaps this will appear in next week’s Police Blotter.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll look out for it.