Sinkhole on Orange: Still There, Getting Bigger


Yes, NYC is “looking into” the sinkhole on Orange Street.  Last night, Junkersfeld and I looked into it and could see all the way to China… err sumthin’.  Bottom line – hole still there, city knows about it.

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  • Obama?

    The sinkhole on the Clark street entrance ramp to the Promenade is still there too, and it’s been quite a while now. The entrance was still closed as of yesterday.

  • nabeguy

    Sinkhole, my foot. That’s a test boring for the new BQE tunnel bypass. By the way, who’s decorating this thing? Is Guder off probation alrready?

  • AAR

    Not only is the Orange Street sink hole getting bigger, today the modest orange cone was replaced with a large orange barricade. Tomorrow – what?

  • my2cents

    Homer, or Karl, get out there with your flip cam! The DEP is there right now, and seem like they might be fixing it.

  • AAR

    As of about five minutes ago, the hole is gone! It took much noise from jack hammers and other big tools and a very large crew to plug the hole – “temporarily” one of them said.

  • MM

    they did fix it last night, but temporarily is right. the asphalt is already sinking in, < 12 hours later. Guy told me they have no idea, and ‘someone’ will be coming to understand why it is happening (under a street they repaved 2 years ago).

    To the extent the sinkhole is in the middle of hicks, and slows down the cars driving too fast past plymouth and PS8, I’m all for it. If only it could be persuaded to move 10 feet east . . .