Sinkhole on Orange Freaks Us Out – The Video

A big ol’ sticker next to the sinkhole at Orange and Hicks promises that 311 and NYC are “on it” and will be plugging it up soon.  Our Karl Junkersfeld hit the pavement to investigate.

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  • Arch Stanton

    The sinkhole by the Clark St entrance to the Promenade has been going on for a very long time. 40 years ago, when I was a kid my friends and I used to pay in the “bushes” (green area on the other side of the fence), there was a deep sinkhole in there…. probably a result of poor backfilling when they built the Promenade.

  • nabeguy

    At least they color coordinated the sticker with the street, but wouldn’t a cone have been a bit more effective?

  • T.K. Small

    I just want to know, who doesn’t love a good sinkhole?

  • AEB

    There IS something wonderful about the word sinkhole. Makes me want one for my own.

  • Cat

    When they fixed the sinkhole in the bike lane on Clinton bet. State and Joralemon, they did such a poor job that the pavement was already sinking within a day. Now it’s about 6 inches deep again. What a waste of taxpayer money–why not just fix it properly the first time?

  • Ben

    The front wheel of my huge SUV dropped into this sickhole the cone was gone and I drove right into it fortunatly I drive slowly and I put my car in 4 wheel drive and reverse and got OUT of the hole before any further calamity. Had I been going at even the speed limit this could have been a disaster. Who moved the cone yesterday morning? I found 2 cones at Harry Chapin Playground picked them up went around the blocks and put them out by the sink hole so the next guy may see the hole. I may need to go back into therapy over this sinkhole. I am having PTSS, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, nighmares, etc. about a big sink hole without the horsepower of a 8 cylinder engine, just me, with my cane and my hip replacement trying to climb out of a sinkhole on Orange Street and I am hungry, no menus to order from in the hole, cell phone does not work in the hole, the Lassen & Hennings delivery guy can not find me in the hole, this is a hellish expereince in the hole. What a way to go in a hole! FIX THE HOLE ASAP.

  • x

    maybe we should move those new flowerpots by Clark’s diner to cover this sinkhole!

  • AAR

    Now little sink hole – large sticker at corner of Willow and Pineapple!