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Orange Street Sinkhole, We Hardly Knew Ye

The sinkhole on Orange Street which popped up (or through?) last summer is finally a thing of the past … at least for now.

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Clark Street Promenade Entrance Partially Open

Apparently convinced that the sinkhole won’t suddenly expand and swallow passersby, the Parks Department folks have opened a narrow passage to allow entrance to and exit from the Promenade at Clark Street.

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Clark Street Promenade Entrance Under Repair

On his morning walk, your correspondent spotted workers laying paving stones over the site of the sinkhole that caused the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade to be closed just over a month ago. Update: (after the jump)

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Sinkhole on Orange: Still There, Getting Bigger

. Yes, NYC is “looking into” the sinkhole on Orange Street.  Last night, Junkersfeld and I looked into it and could see all the way to China… err sumthin’.  Bottom line – hole still there, city knows about it.

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Sinkhole on Orange Freaks Us Out – The Video

A big ol’ sticker next to the sinkhole at Orange and Hicks promises that 311 and NYC are “on it” and will be plugging it up soon.  Our Karl Junkersfeld hit the pavement to investigate.

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Sinkhole at Clark Street Entrance to Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The Clark Street entrance to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade was closed off this evening after a sinkhole was discovered on the pathway.  BHB tipster “Abbey” sent us photos this afternoon. BHB’s Qfwfq sent snapped this shot, which makes the hole seem less like the gateway to hell: More after the jump.

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