Another Saturday Night of Bacchanalia at the St. George


This photo from a tipster shows the spoils of another crazy Saturday night near the St. George dorms at Henry and Clark Streets.  On Friday night, neighbors were “treated” to a wee hours brawl on Pineapple Street.

So if we’re headed back to the bad old days of the 70s on Clark and Henry, why not pull out this classic nugget from ’73 by Garland Jeffreys:

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  • King Lou

    Looks like someone was just making it easy for the can collectors to get the bottles.

  • Matthew Parker

    Homer: The alarmist and (mis)leading blog post headlines diminishes BHB. Just IMHO.

  • The Where

    matthew, there you go again. perhaps homer is an oracle and is foreseeing a future only a true visionary can. take heed master of puppies for he may be right and we could be headed for deep doo doo, something i hear young people enjoy sledding upon.

  • my2cents

    King Lou is right. Looks like people conscientiously left their empties in a neat pile for them to be recycled rather than thrown in the landfill. I don’t even see any broken ones. Just because a few of them fell over doesn’t make this “disorderly.”

  • AEB

    At first I thought the depicted items were hash pipes. When I peered more closely–well, you can imagine my disappointment!

    Actually, the bottles seem rather carefully arranged, clearly a sign of due aesthetic consideration….

    (PS, anyone for Spin the Bottle?)

  • Arch Stanton

    OMG college kids drinking? Please say it isn’t so…..

  • Brad

    When was the video for “Wild in the Streets” by Garland Jeffreys filmed? A classic song!

  • nabeguy

    I’m counting 13 outside of the container. Anyone want to venture a guess on how many are in it?

  • Matthew Parker

    @The Where: Sorry buddy, I don’t feed the trolls.

  • The Where

    I am not a troll, I am a hobbit.

  • nabeguy

    TW, in regards to what you are, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…and double-check just to make sure you’re not under it.

  • Andrew Porter

    TW, you’re Gollum—a hobbit gone bad…

  • WillowtownCop

    Is that Coors Light? Disgusting. They can do better than that.

  • WillowtownCop

    Anyway, I suppose there will be a few complaints, a summons writing blitz, some upper middle class college student righteous indignation about being harassed by the pigs (even though they are the ones acting like pigs by leaving their trash for someone else to clean up), and then ten years from now they will be the ones calling the same pigs because they have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to work and its getting so bad in the city that they’re even thinking of voting Republican next time.

  • ABC

    That sounds like you WillowtownCop. Some of us aren’t complaining or calling the cops.

  • Tim N.

    Awesome video. Thanks for posting. For those of us who remember when NYC looked like that (you can get nostalgic over anything!), it’s hard to get all up in it over a bar brawl. We used to live over a bar. As the articles mentioned, once you yell out the window, it usually goes away.

  • David G.

    I live across the street from the St. George on the Clark St. side. The students there remind myselfof my time in college, which is not a good thing. I was completely oblivious of my private liberal art’s school’s surrounding neighborhood.

    However, now that I am the neighbor, I’m pissed that these students blast music at 3 am, honk their horn over and over again for ten minutes straight and act like douche bags… Why can’t they specifically convert it into graduate school dorms?

  • nabeguy

    David, the only difference between a grad and and an undergrad is that the former upgrades their consumption to bourbon. Which means they pass out before they can become douches.

  • BHVoice

    I think anyone who is making this big of a deal about a single student issue is being a bit ridiculous. This sort of thing rarely ever happens. It is ludicrous to claim that because of one incident Brooklyn Heights is going back to the days of crack whores and violence. Can someone say exaggeration?

    I think the real issue here is that people in this neighborhood have too much time on their hands. I mean you’re reporting about a neatly organized pile of beer bottles? Honestly, don’t you have anything better to do? I suggest a book club. Perhaps all of you people should whip out Tuesdays with Morrie and spend your time talking about that.

    There are approximately 1200 students living in those dormitory buildings from over 40 different schools (not just Pace). Personally I wouldn’t describe an Ivey League school as crappy (this in regards to those who posted on a previous BHB thread about the students). It would take a real moron to classify all 1200 as ‘douches’ when only 1 or 2 are the ones making bad choices. Many students around here are doing great things to help the community. For example just last year the students in the dormitory donated 107 pints of blood and received an award from the Brooklyn Blood Services. Did Brooklyn Heights Blog bother to post ANYTHING about this? The dormitory has also been known to help out many organizations such as Speak Out NYC. They also began their own Haiti Relief Fund and raised several thousand dollars as well as donated an exorbitant amount of food and clothing. So to all of you people in this neighborhood who claim we don’t do anything for this community, think again. I believe the real question here is, what are you doing for the community? (Besides complaining that is)

    Lastly, you guys speak about yourselves and this neighborhood as if it’s the Hamptons. News flash; this is Brooklyn.