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Sex and the City Dog

“That’s disgusting,” a woman said one cold morning on the Promenade. Marie and I looked around. Did one of the dogs have diarrhea? It took us about 45 seconds to figure out what she was talking about. Daisy was humping Tuppence.

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Woof Waffe

The first time I met Allen, he bit me in the face. In military parlance, a “dog fight” is two or more planes in harrowing chase through the skies. I think the term came not from the dogfights that are to the death, but from play fighting. Knowing the distinction can make visiting the Hill […]

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Love Letter to Allen

The first time I met Allen, he bit me in the face.

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Warf and Woof

Hermia, Daisy and I had taken Pickering home to DUMBO and were on our way to Hermia’s house, a straight shot down Hicks Street. Police tape barred our entrance at Clark and the cop asked me for I.D. when I told him I lived here. I offered him plastic bags and Milk Bones and he […]

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The Sharks and the Jets: Part II

A couple of times a week I meet a new dog and fall into conversation with its owner. We can do this because our dogs have decided to tolerate each other and so, inevitably, our conversation turns to our dogs’ Dark Sides. If we venture into our dogs reactions to strangers, I lower my voice […]

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The Sharks and the Jets: Part I

I sing to my dogs. I grew up on musical comedies, so most of my songs borrow the concepts and tunes from Rogers, Sondheim, Harnick, Lerner, Bernstein, Stein, Hammerstein, Lowe and Bock. The best musical for the business of walking Labrador retrievers, however, is West Side Story, a good choice when you consider that Oliver […]

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What Hurts Today?

Even in hot weather, I take one hot bath a week in order to soften the calluses on my feet so I can razor them off and sand them down. As soon as my left hand hit the water, the bruise I knew Pickering had inflicted – along with a superficial bite – bloomed into […]

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Us Versus Them

In the latest installment of Confessions of a Lab Lady, Frances Kuffel tackles the issue of random food left out on the street causing problems with pooches:

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Senior Moment

“Can I pet your dog,” an eleven-year-old boy asked me this afternoon. “If he’s moving, not really.” The kid looked confused. I consider it a civic service to share dog love, but Zanzibar is different. Zanny turned seventeen in April, which, depending on the chart one consults, is either 99 or 119 years old in […]

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Confessions of a Lab Lady: Mea Culpa Part 1

“Who’s walkin’ who?” I yelled across Pierrepont Street. “Do you know all their names?” my friend yelled back. “How do you keep their leashes straight?” “What are all those keys for?” It was a cool, gray, late spring afternoon and I was in the mood to laugh as I led Farmer, a ten-year-old yellow Lab, […]

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