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Heights History: Hotel St. George Pool Poster

From the BHB Inbox, Eddy writes: Hi, I thought it might be nice to share the attached scan of St George Pool ad art…. not sure of the year (guess is the 50’s-60’s) but it was found in the hotel after it closed in the early 80’s (my friends and I used to explore it […]

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Heights History: St. George Resident Looks to its Past

The New York Times profiles St. George Hotel Tower resident Craig Meachen and his search for memorabilia of the landmark building: New York Times: Resurrecting…: “The ballroom was where the annual Brooklyn Heights debutante balls were held,” a member writes. Another recalls “clamoring outside with a huge throng of people to get a glimpse of […]

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Heights History: Montague Street Revitalization 1976

In 1974,  the city received a $50,000 “City Options” grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to “produce designs that would improve city life”.    Proposals for urban revitalization were created by the New York Department of City Planning for four neighborhoods – Alexander Avenue in the Bronx, Union Square and Chinatown in Manhattan,  and […]

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Heights History: BBQing for BUG

From Poppa Fink’s archives comes this promo shot of former NYC Commissioner of Public Events/ Knicks star Bud Palmer BBQing atop a building somewhere in Brooklyn Heights circa 1971.   The address of the BUG photo lab is stamped on the back of the picture: 195 Montague Street.  According to Pops, the shot was used in […]

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Heights History: 135 Willow Street

Brownstoner recently wrote about a few apartments for sale at 135 Willow Street.  One of their readers linked to a 1936 photo from the New York Public Library of the townhouses demolished to make way for the apartment building. Do you have photos of Brooklyn Heights from back in the day? Send them to us […]

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Heights History: Dogs Foul the Streets

On May 26, 1972 the New York Times wrote about a clash between residents of Brooklyn Heights that “threatend” the “serentiy and harmony” of the neighborhood.   The bone of contention – the use of “pooper scoopers” by dog owners. The newspaper reported that about 80 “vociferously pro-dog” residents gathered at the War Memorial in Cadman […]

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Heights History: Wild in the Streets

Inspired by the prospect of a return to 1970s economics last week,  we wrote about the Bad Old Days at 55 Pierrepont Street.  This week we get in the BHB Time Machine and look back to February 1, 1971 when “outsiders” were causing the crime rate in Brooklyn Heights to skyrocket.

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Heights History: The Bad Old Days at 55 Pierrepont

With all this talk about the return of 1970s economics,  it’s time to see what that would really mean for  Brooklyn Heights.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll post items from newspaper archives that will give us all a taste of what a Life on Mars-like return to the Disco Decade would mean for us […]

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Heights History: Hotel St. George , 1900

Shorpy.com writes about this photo: “Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, circa 1900-1906.” Plus a ghost or two in this time exposure of the hotel’s Clark Street facades. This Brooklyn Heights landmark, which by the 1930s was New York’s largest hotel, with 2,632 rooms in a complex of buildings spread over a block, started with the 10-story […]

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Hidden Heights History Halloween

Take a walk around Brooklyn Heights this Halloween with a new point of view using our “Hidden Heights History” map: View Larger Map

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