Heights History: St. George Resident Looks to its Past

The New York Times profiles St. George Hotel Tower resident Craig Meachen and his search for memorabilia of the landmark building:

New York Times: Resurrecting…: “The ballroom was where the annual Brooklyn Heights debutante balls were held,” a member writes. Another recalls “clamoring outside with a huge throng of people to get a glimpse of President Lyndon Johnson, who was attending some affair” at the St. George.

“So many Americans trace their roots to Brooklyn,” said Mr. Meachen, “which means probably around one in eight Americans had a significant family event that happened here.”

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  • John Wentling

    Lessee – almost shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand as he was coming out of the main lobby o Clark Street, until someone reached in over my hand and grabbed his. Worked as a “Goldwater Kid” when Barry had his NY HQ in the St. George. Broke my wrist in the gym after someone lifted me up to the chin-up bar. Was in the pool when a local Sands St. resident gave birth in it – it was closed for a week afterwards. Met Rod Steiger when they were filming “No Way to Treat a Lady” in the hotel and nabe. Crashed umpteen Syrian weddings held in the ballroom, and the smell of roast lamb would permeate the nabe. Used to supplement my allowance by making a daily run through the phone booth bank/lounge off the lobby. A quarter went a long way then. Briefly worked as a driver at the Heights Car Service. Used to be fascinated by the exotic (chocolate ants) foods sold at the hotel grocery store on Clark.

    Great times, mostly.

  • benita berman

    I visited the St. George pool over the weekend. It is now Eastern Sports and the original pool is now a smaller remnant of its glorious self. This small pool was created from a small portion of the original (the shallow end). There is original tile work around the rum with the original depth markings, as well as parts of the original green columns and original signs on the wall. One can also see some of the original mosaics near the pool and in the adjoining exercise room which was built over the rest of the original pool. Most notable is the large art deco mosaic with original clock above above the shallow end where the waterfall used to be. I learned from the Eastern Sports management ( owners of the facility ) that the mosaic will be destroyed during the renovation of the pool area which is scheduled to start on April 9th. It has a crack in it, which is deemed “unsightly” and the crack cannot be repaired, although it is not falling apart. This is a piece of Brooklyn Heights and St. George history and should bed saved. Perhaps of the associations, either the Brooklyn Historical Society or the Brooklyn Heights Association or the Landmark Commission could be instrumental in placing it in another location. I live in Maryland now, but grew up in the Heights on Clark Street. Could someone in NY try to save this mosaic? There isn’t much time!!!