Open Post: Best Veterinarian & Dog Walker In Brooklyn Heights

With pets front & center on the Brooklyn Heights Blog of late, what could be more appropriate for the fifth in our series of “Best of the Heights” Open Posts than to share the poop on a combo: Best Veterinarian and Best Dog Walker in the neighborhood? For the former, please share the name of the practice, the doc your pet sees and the address (as well as any info you’d like to reveal about $$). For the latter, name, contact info and rate, if you please. We’ll take on Best Pet Groomers in a future post.

If you’ve missed past recent Open Thread “Best Of” surveys, see them here: Best Dry Cleaner, Best Pizza Pie, Best Handyman, and Best Car Service. (Photo: Spencer!/Chuck Taylor)

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  • Susu

    My vote for best dog walker:

    Phyllis Klein

    Phyllis has been walking my dog for four years. She is passionate about animals, which is exactly the kind of person you want taking care of your pet. She does very small group walks, not mass doggie drives. She also does cat sitting for a lot of people. She is also extremely organized and dependable.

  • Tiger Lily

    One Love Animal Hospital are as good as it gets. They are amazing. They really care about your animals (and you) and won’t charge you for unnecessary things.

  • Grace

    One Love animal hospital charges an incredible markup for all animal drugs. Antibiotics cost at least twice what the cost is elsewhere as are heartworm pills.

  • GHB

    Csaba and Henriett are the best dog walkers.

  • Andrea

    Hello all,

    Found Pugle on the promenade this morning, male, black collar with paw prints – young and very friendly. The dog is at my store Rocco and Jezebel for Pets, 89 Pineapple Walk if anyone knows any information. 718.855.8686

  • Joe

    Ditto Csaba and Henriett. They are also the best dog trainers and all around nice people.

  • Frank and Nancy

    We LOVE Little Dipper!! Steven and Alex are such great people, and the dogs ADORE them. They are completely reliable and responsive. I strongly, strongly recommend them. I have used other dogwalkers in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and no one compares. Rates are $15/walk IF you need a last minute walk, but they are $12 for weekly scheduled walks (plus tax).

  • Frank

    My vote is for Csaba and Henriett. We have used them for almost a year, and they are great and reliable. And I feel secure knowing my dog walks with them.
    $25/hour walk

  • Frank and Nancy

    Forgot to leave the contact info for Little Dipper – very sorry. See below:

    facebook page:
    phone number: 718.559.8444

    If you check the website or facebook page, you’ll see photos of the happy dogs. Ours is Jake!

  • Denise

    I agree that little dipper takes the cake. I’ve used three other dog walking services and nothing compares. They are always able to accommodate my busy and ever changing schedule and jackson my morkiepoo is always happy and smells wonderful when i get home to him. They are super attentive and extremely knowledgeable about pups :) I wouldnt trade them for any others!

  • JV

    Any others that love there vet besides One Love? I have heard great things about them but it is just too far for my girl to walk and I don’t have a car.

  • Nicole and Sam

    We could not be happier with Little Dipper Dog Walkers. We have a 6-month-old puppy who is still adjusting to his walking schedule and they have been incredibly helpful with the transition. They leave us daily report cards so we know exactly when our puppy has gone to the bathroom. Also, our dog comes home smelling like roses because they wipe him down after every walk. They definitely go the extra mile. We are so happy we chose LIttle Dipper and would absolutely recommend them as the #1 walkers in BK Heights.

    You can see our happy Phineas here:

    facebook page: email:
    phone number: 718.559.8444

  • Jennifer

    My dog Earl is a proud “Little Dipper Dog”! He loves the Little Dipper walkers and they love him too. He walks with his other Little Dipper buddies and is NEVER walked in a huge crowd of dogs like with some other walkers. He gets individual attention and gets his paws and privates cleaned after every walk and always smells fresh and clean. And after all of that, the Little Dipper rates are competative with almost every other Brooklyn dog walker. Check out to see rates and a profile on Earl and some of his buddies.

  • PennyRC

    I have used Marie (718) 496-6723 for the past two years. She is incredible. I got my dog while I was still at Brooklyn Law School, so I had the opportunity to walk her myself. I would spend hours at the dog parks and got to meet a lot of the dog walkers in the area. Marie dependable and always there when I need her. My dog has separation anxiety and is very afraid of people she does not know. I needed someone steady and dependable to walk my dog. She could not handle different people coming to pick her up constantly. Marie took the time for my dog to get used to her before I started to pay her for walks. Marie only walks 1-2 dogs at a time and her prices are very reasonable. My dog is completely in love with Marie and I honestly do not know what I would do without her. Marie is always available at the last minute to walk my dog an extra time if I get stuck at work. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Marie!

  • Dan

    Jose is awesome. He works in Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo and Vinegar Hill. I highly recommend him! He can be reached at (646) 912-0755.

  • Heather Quinlan

    This photo freaks me out.

  • Suzanne Boule

    For dog walkers, I cannot recommend any one but Czabas and Henriett. They are reliable and excellent with the animals. Henriett helped me train my dog when she was a puppy and if I had followed up, she would be the best trained dog in the world! Unfortunately I’m a sloth!

    As for vet, I’m surprised no one has mentioned dr. Norton (347-443-0203). She doesn’t have an office but she makes house calls and is there almost before you hang up the phone. She always pets and loves the dog before she administer medicines, gives a shot or examine them. My frenchies love her and allow themselves to be treated by her without a problem.

  • Brooklynite

    Unfortunately this Vet place is not in the neighborhood, but Dr. Perry of Pawsitive Veterinary is AMAZING!! My grandmother even travels from Queens to take her cat there for treatment. She is super sweet, informative and does not overcharge at all. If anything I think she undercharges for the type of service and care she provides. So if you have a car or are willing to take a cab/subway to her, you will not be disappointed. And if you don’t believe them just look them up on yelp. I cannot say enough good things about her and her staff.

  • jasminek

    Highly recommend Dr Sara Neuman at Vinegar Hill Vet. She is so warm and friendly and never rushes us – that is my dog and I. Dr Neuman always answers my questions patiently, gives her best advice and never pushes me to accept services I feel may not be essential. We also much much appreciate Dr Jessica Pizzillo should Dr Neuman be unavailable and the whole staff at Vinegar Hill Vet have treated us extremely well. They are open at great hours and 7 days a week.

    They have a Pet Portal, which is really convenient, and when I email Dr Neuman she almost always answers by return.

    Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group 57 Front St Unit 101. Brooklyn, NY 11201. Office: ( 718) 797-6875. Fax: (718) 797-8753. Office Hours: 8AM to 8PM …

  • dog lover

    I have been taking my little dog to Cobble Hill Animal Clinic for the past 17 yrs, 10 months. They have provided great care for her. I don’t use a dog walker other than friends occasionally.

  • jasminek

    Our dog walker is Lorinda Chamberlain who also boards Jasmine in her home when I’m away. She has a jolly place with rabbits and cats and Jasmine has a great time. Always rushes to her with delight.


  • Jim

    I’ve been taking my cats to Hope Vet on Atlantic for years and their care is Top Notch !!! My Dad is a veterinarian and I recognize superior pet care, and Hope Vet delivers !!!

  • Little Dipper Dog Walking / Steven & Alex


    We have been using Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group for the past three years for our two dogs (both regular annual checkups/vaccinations and emergency care.) We have seen Dr. Neuman this entire time and we can’t say enough positive things about her and her staff.

    Dr. Neuman is extremely knowledgeable, caring and friendly, with a sense of humor to boot. She is accessible whenever you need her. We know how busy her office is, but can always get an appointment when needed. The support staff and additional veterinarians are very helpful and friendly as well. You can request the same doctor at each appointment and the wait time is minimal. Considering the high price of veterinary care in NYC, their pricing is very reasonable as well.

    It’s nice to see this blog to refer dog walkers and veterinarians. We ourselves are dog walkers (with some of our clients on this blog… thank you!) and refer Dr. Neuman/Vinegar Hill to all, whether they are new to dog ownership or considering switching. Each of our clients that use them are extremely grateful to her and to us for referring them. When we hear stories about other veterinarians from our clients/friends, there always seems to be some negative aspect about them, but with Vinegar Hill… it’s always positive. We really appreciate them and so do our clients.

    We highly recommend…
    Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group/Dr. Sara Neuman:

    We are Little Dipper Dog Walking Services. You can click on our name and it will go to our facebook page.

  • Susan bosworth

    No question, Henriett and Csaba are the very best!,,,,

  • Chuck Taylor

    I recently took my Abby & Spencer to Atlantic Animal Care at 85 Atlantic, between Hicks & Henry. That’s where my former beloved vet Doc Richard Turoff on Hicks dumped off all records when he vanished in the night in January… (

    The critters got a quick check-up, shots and Abby a look-over for a potential ear infection… i was stunned when dr. greenberg charged $278.

    if anyone can recommend compassionate care where you don’t have to pay with gold bricks, please pass it along here. doc turoff was incredibly reasonable; this felt like highway robbery.

  • Derek

    Dr Ryan and the team at One Love on Atlantic are phenomenal. They’re caring, conscientious and always willing to give our dog and cat the time they need. Never rushed, always cared for.

    For dog walking, Yukino-san and her team From Animal Loving Care on Sackett are unbeatable. Reliable, punctual, conscientious and true animal lovers. We’re never in any doubt that the animals are in safe, friendly hands.

  • Mike, Erica & Oeuf

    Another vote for Little Dipper. Alex and Steven are the best. They are conscientious and very reliable and we trust them completely. They do solo or small group walks and are always focused on our dog’s well being. They really care and that gives us a lot of peace of mind. Our Frenchie, Oeuf, loves them too!

  • Matthew Parker

    Dr. Neuman at Vinegar Hill Vet is the best doctor. Martina from Martina Walks the Walk, the best pet care provider:

  • lori

    BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL at PETSMART on Atlantic Avenue. Quality service from all involved. They have several Wellness Programs you can join – better than Pet Insurance. I just wish they had a parking lot.

  • Proddiva

    Sara Neuman and all her staff at Vinegar Hill Vet are amazing!