Here’s What Happened To Shuttered Heights Veterinary Hospital…

Following the BHB post January 2 that the Heights Veterinary Hospital at 59 Hicks Street closed without warning at year’s end, the Brooklyn Paper now shares the rest of the story.

Doc Richard Turoff told writer Natalie O’Neill that the November death of one-time co-worker and friend Bernard Wasserman, who lived above the business, prompted his decision to retire. “It seemed to be the end of an era. It’s a terrific neighborhood, full of people who take incredible care of their pets, but it’s time to go,” said the motorcycle-riding, earring-donning vet.

Before he adhered a “See Ya” sign to the door Jan. 1, Turoff transferred all pet patient files to Atlantic Animal Care on 85 Atlantic Street.

Turoff took over the animal hospital, first owned by Wasserman, in 1985, after the two vets had worked together for four years. When the latter died, the doc said he was ready to transition. “I was torn at first,” he said. “But it’s time to move on.” The Brooklyn Paper reports he will spend now time studying zoo medicine and hanging out with his cat at home in Prospect Park South.

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  • stuart

    well done.
    you work hard, put in your years, you earn the ability to pursue other interests and enjoy a little leisure.
    Europeans know this. To them it is common sense.
    Many Americans on the other hand think they have to work for a paycheck until they drop dead.

  • Marsha Rimler

    Dr. Hale who is wonderful and also was part of the Heights Vet.
    Practice is now in provate practice and makes house calls

  • GHB

    No mention of his business partner, Dr. CJ Norton? She was the only reason I kept going to HVH for as long as I did!

  • Chuck Taylor

    Doctor Norton left Heights Vet more than a year ago… She came to our apartment to put down our little Maltese in the fall of 2010 and had left months before.

  • JC

    That’s what keeps Americans on top.

  • JC

    Turnoff was a fabulous “Country” vet. He will be missed by Atticus and Phineas – my two Siamese.

  • Arch Stanton

    We’re on top?

  • Miriam Bird

    Dr Turoff, was wonderful to my Joey(cocker spaniel) and Baby (golden retriever) , he will be sorely missed by all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood. He was such a common sense vet, not too many of them around.
    Enjoy your retirement Dr. Turoff, and thank you for looking after Joey and Baby so beautifully.

  • Knight

    On top of what … our own early graves?

  • lois

    For many years, it was mainly Dr. Norton you saw when you went to Hts. Vet – Dr. Turoff didn’t like working more than one or two days a week. When Dr. Norton left, Dr. Turoff resumed working full time. When I heard that Dr. Wasserman died, I figured the building would be sold by his estate and the end would be coming soon for Hts. Vet. Also – the coming of Vinegar Hill Vet, which attracted many younger residents who prefer a more modern facility was also a factor (Hts. Vet didn’t even accept credit cards; it was cash or check; their records were kept on little file cards, and you received a handwritten bill with very little info on it).

  • lois

    The new PetSmart store on Atlantic AVENUE includes Banfield Pet Hospital. They have a modern facility with on-site lab, xray and EKGs. They also offer three medical plans which differ from pet insurance. My daughter and I have started using them and are very satisfied with the service there.

  • marsha rimler

    I meant Dr. Norton she is wonderful, caring in practice and makes home visits… Ooopa

  • 04

    I’ll miss seeing that sweet moto guzzi there. Does this mean I can park my bike there instead?

  • Eddyenergizer

    @ 04, NO

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Dr. Turoff – Thank you for all the years of your caring treatment. Take care and enjoy your retirement.

    Barbara & Jeffrey Shernoff

    Kiss Kiss-poodle-1967-1983
    Brandy Alexander-cat-1985-1989
    Shani-cat-now 4 1/2 years old