FOUND: YOUNG MALE DOG! He’s Safe & Sound

The proprietor of Rocco and Jezebel for Pets at 89 Pineapple Walk found a dog wandering the neighborhood this morning, and is eager to return him to his family. Andrea contacted BHB with the following info: “Pugle, young male found around the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Willow Street, black collar with white paw prints, no leash. The dog is with us at the store. We will also be taking him to the vet to check for a microchip.” She has provided a photo, enlarged below the jump. If the pooch belongs to you, contact the store at 718-855-8686.

Rocco and Jezebel offers grooming, boarding, at-home cat sitting, at-home cat grooming, playtime, dog walking and more. Their webbie is here.

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  • daisy

    Wss this dog claimed by the owners yet?

  • Andrea

    Not claimed yet. Has a chip but outdated info. We believe he was abandoned. But will wait two weeks to give owner a chance. But no posters etc have been displayed. Thanks for asking

  • Lorinda

    Anyone come forward for him yet? God I feel terrible for him. He seems such a sweetheart!