Open Thread: Best Dry Cleaner In Brooklyn Heights

Number four in the BHB “Best of Heights” Open Thread series is all about your threads… and where you prefer to have them laundered. First, we surveyed Best Car Service, then Best Handyman and Best Pizza Pie.

This week, please share your experiences for general everyday dry cleaning. Among so many options, where do you find the best service, best prices, best damn spot cleaning and overall Best Dry Cleaner within the boundaries of Brooklyn Heights? Since there are so many, often with rather generic names, please add the address.

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  • Maltz3

    “Best” on Henry just off of Montague – they do a great job. And they are the nicest and friendliest people too!

  • AEB

    Plaza Cleaners at 64 Henry. Great work and one gets to schmooze with the ever-sweet Jason and co.

  • Joe

    “Best Cleaners” is the best. Great tailoring and dry cleaning. Friendly and accommodating service.

  • ifsandsor

    BEST CLEANERS has gotten worse as time goes on. While they were once helpful and concerned they are now matter of fact. If the stain is not pointed out – they find nothing. Their “fitting room” for alterations is a flimsy curtain in full view of customers. . . they should do better than that given the clients they serve in an upscale area.

    I have been going to a place opposite the Macy’s on Schermerhorn. A long journey but worth it for alterations . . I think it is BRIDGE cleaners.

  • Fake Records

    I am a huge fan of Annie at Mandalay One on Montague, next to Crumbs. Extremely accommodating and they do a great job.

  • jeffk

    Here’s a vote for Heights Hand Laundry (East side of Henry near Clark St.). I’ve never had a complaint about the service, and they’re some of the nicest business owners in the neighborhood.

  • AG

    Coleman Cleaners on Hicks and Pineapple is great, curteous and extermely accommodating.

  • Michael

    I recommend Lungs on Henry near Orange. Excellent job on shirts and tailoring, and always pleasant.

  • Floyd

    Is “Best” still cash only? I always liked them but I stopped going because it was too inconvenient not to be able to pay by credit card. My current go-to is Plaza Cleaners on Montague between Teresa’s & Heights Cafe. They are pretty solid. I used to go to Golden Hangers on Clark and Heights Cleaners on Montague, but had too many issues with items getting lost or not properly cleaned.

  • Mike

    I’ve literally tried all 6 or 7 of the cleaners in the Heights and have settled on Plaza Cleaners on Henry St next to the Cinema — they’re a bit of a walk for me, so I order a pickup-delivery through — reasonable prices, quality and always on time with the pickup and delivery!

  • Joe

    Floyd, I’ve been going to “Best” for years and never had a problem using my credit card.

  • BH’er

    Best Cleaners on Henry St is my favorite – they also do monthly billing, which is super convenient – so much faster to drop off and call for delivery anytime

    Can anyone recommend a good laundry? The place at 78 Monty near Teresa’s has shrunk all my clothes and I can’t wear most of them anymore (very unhappy about this)

  • Brian

    Downtown Cleaners on Livingston – 10% off if you prepay, they’ve never lost an item of mine in 5 years of regular business, inexpensive standard laundry (by the lb) and pleasant staff. Added bonus – seamstress and cobbler on site so you can get clothes altered and shoes/boots repaired.

  • Luke C

    Are any of the local cleaners capable of washing/pressing or dry-cleaning clothes without putting them in plastic bags to return them? I don’t need the nifty little boxes either. All that stuff is bulky garbage 5 minutes after I get home. I gave up and just go wrinkly now.

  • HenryLoL

    Lung’s on Henry is great — even if just for the owner. One of the only places that makes me feel like a regular.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Coleman’s, terrific work, decent pressing (almost a lost art), and very, very courteous people. 10% discount with cash, and free delivery!

  • Knight

    I agree with Hicks St Guy about Coleman’s on Hicks & Pineapple. They changed hands just a few years ago and the new owner is terrific. They deliver and their turnaround time is great. Most of the shirts that I send out have french cuffs and other places I’ve tried seem to make a mess of pressing them!

  • Melissa

    I too have tried all the cleaners in the neighborhood. Best kept a shirt to be only laundered for 2 weeks then gave it back to me without pressing it. I have finally settled for Plaza. Worth the walk a few extra blocks.

  • Prom Gal

    I’m looking for a local dry cleaner for men’s suits, as well as women’s suits, dresses, and silk blouses. Also a place that can be trusted with Hermès scarves and shawls. The cleaner on Clark Street used to sent them out to Tie Crafters, the cleaner recommended by Hermès, but when he sold his business, the new people were not up to snuff and ruined two of my husband’s Brooks Bros suits.
    I’m kind of fed up going in to Manhattan. I have even brought two huge suitcases full of clothes with me on business trips to Paris and it all cleaned there.

  • NewToBK

    Hi everyone, I love the sense of community on this blog. I have to get a bridesmaid gown altered and am wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a place that has a nice staff and is reasonably priced. I am bordering Brooklyn heights and cobble hill but don’t mind distance if it’s worth it. Thank you!