Dog Poop Showdown on Cranberry Street

In the aftermath of last week’s Mom vs. Wack Jobs in Brooklyn Heights debate comes evidence of another controversy brewing in the neighborhood.

The issue: Dog owners who dump their pooch’s poo into someone else’s garbage. One resident of Cranberry Street has had enough and posted this quite polite and reasonable notice on the street:

To Whom It May Concer:
Thank you for picking up after your dog.
Now, what to do with that trash?
Please be responsible and respectful and:
1)take it home to your trash bin, or
2) place it in the public trash bin on the corner

Please DO NOT put it:
1) in your neighbor’s plastic recycling
2) in you neighbor’s paper recycling
3) in your neighbor’s trash
4) in the planters or tree pits on the street
5) ever so neatly on top of your neighbor’s trash
6) on the sidewalk

Thank you,
Brian @ 31

If this message does not apply to you, please disregard.

Is this an issue on your street?

Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • Sandra

    Yes, this is a big problem in vinegar hill. I do not appreciate it when people put their dog’s poop in my trash bin! The bag ultimately breaks, leaving poop all over the inside of the bin, which in turn, attracts all sorts of flying insects. I am happy that people do not leave the poop on the sidewalk, but I do not have a dog and do not like the smell and insects at the door to my home.

    Please pet owners, have some respect and take the poop home to your own trash bin!

  • Bk surfer

    As a dog owner I have the pleasure of my loving friend and the responsibility of picking up after him. I do not choose where he poops and also don’t want to carry it many blocks to a public trash can ( they are further apart then you would think and not on all street corners). I try and put it in the cans with bags, not sure if this would be acceptable if you wrote this about babies an their diaper disposal. Stop hating on dogs and their owners.

  • Gerry

    This never happens to my garbage.

    We have a dog and hepoops I pick it up — and I had never thought about dumping it in a neighbors trash?

    I have dumped other things in neighbors trash along the way like a soda can or sandwich wrapper. My dogs mess is bundled with a paper towel,latex glove folded up in a brown bag not leaking on anyones can.

  • HoityToity

    I am a dog owner and I Always pick up after my dog. It is always tied securely in a baggy and never leaks or spills. I agree with BK Surfer, sometimes you have to walk blocks to find a public garbage can. I think it’s getting a little ridiculous when people complain about garbage being thrown in Garbage Cans. Sheesh, I mean we’re not walking in to your homes and throwing them out in you house!

    Give me a break and get a life. Some people just complain for the sake of complaining.

  • Curmudgeon

    Sorry dog owners (and I own two dogs myself) your responsibility is to clean up after your dog AND dispose of it legally and that means a public litter basket – NOT a private pail. It is against the law. What about that don’t you understand? So you have to walk a few blocks to find a public waste basket – big deal. Complain to the city about more litter baskets, but don’t throw your dog poop in a private pail. If you own a dog that is your responsibility, period.

    If I catch you putting your dog poop it in my pail you’re gonna wear it!

  • Sandra

    If you don’t like walking a few blocks to put your dog’s poop in your own trash bin, then you can understand how I do not like having to scrape it out of the bottom of my trash bin when the bag breaks. I don’t dislike dogs, just the owners who don’t respect their neighbors. By the way, it isn’t garbage, it is fecal matter so bring home.

  • GHB

    I get that there aren’t enough garbage cans in The Heights, but how big a deal is it to walk a few extra blocks (your dog will love it… mine does!) and deposit the poop legally?

  • Sandra

    lmproper disposal
    A person may not use another person’s receptacles without permission, or place his/her refuse in front of a premises other than the building in which he/she resides or works.
    §16-120(a) FINE: $100 – $300

  • jane

    Bk Surfer –

    I am a mom of a toddler who is NOT potty-trained. I would NEVER leave a dirty diaper in another person’s trash. It’s POOP, not a soda can. That’s why I’m always holding a zillion plastic bags on me at any time – so I can rush home (prob pissing off some people with my damn human in a small stroller) and deposit said detritus in my own trash. I mean, there’s throwing out your crap, and throwing out crap.

  • Adele

    Its even worst in my area as they don’t even pick it and they leave it around our churches and in front of our doors. Very disrespectful dog owners over here and I am in North Crown Heights/Bed Sty. People need to curb their dogs and take the poop to the public trash! Thanks for this article and it needs to go get to all the neighborhoods.

  • bagel boy

    I think a lot of these dog people are just pissed off that they are up at 6 am to walk the pooch. I think they actually get some perverse enjoyment in having their dog take a crap in front of a nice home and sneaking away or throwing dog crap in someone else’s can. You know who you are. You cowardly, lazy, corpulent, vapid, indolent pig.

  • http://yahoo jean

    First Dog owners should know it is ILLEGAL to dump your dog poop in someone elses garbage: period. NYC Sanitation regulations specifically prohibit the dumping of any garbage in another person’s cans or in front of another person’s property. The NYC Health code also specifically prohibits dumping you dog poop in anyone else’s cans, it must be disposed of in a toilet or PUBLIC can. Further the Code prohibits your dog from peeing all over the place. Not on the sidewalk, not on the stoop, nor wall, nor fence. We know you are somehow special and your dog gets to trample peope’s gardens and then clean up your mess. Your just lazy pigs.

  • http://yahoo jean

    With so many dog owners why dont they put out a nice sign DOG POOP WANTED, at their home. Then they can dump the shit at each other’s houses. If the bags are not leaking and your dog poop so wonderfull why do so many dog owners walk past their own houses and make the extra effort to dump it in the neighbors?? I have caught moms loading up the stroller with a kitchen bag full of pooped diapers to dump it by my property. There nutty excuse is that it smells so they do not want it by their house. The pigs pull their dogs off their property when they want to “unload” the dog, then patiently wait for the dog to unload in the neighbor’s garden. The pigs even use the children’s playground as a toilet.

  • Henry

    Wow, really? Some of you think it’s OK to leave poop in other people’s garbage bins? it’s not garbage – it’s feces. Besides it being illegal, it is monumentally inconsiderate. I love dogs, have owned dogs, walk my friends’ dogs, and never had to deposit a bag of poop in someone’s private garbage. I also had the misfortune of taking care of the garbage in a brownstone around here, and let me tell you, lots of people saw no problem in entering my front yard (which had a gate) and dropping a bag of crap in the cans, often poorly tied. If it’s not a public garbage can, leave it alone – even if you want to throw away a soda can.

  • Willowtowncop

    This reminds me of a wonderful poem, in perfect iambic pentameter, posted in 198 Bond St. in the Gowanus Houses. It was called “The Elevators Are Not Bathrooms” and it was fantastic. I’m sorry I don’t have a copy.

  • James

    Dog and child ownership entail certain responsibilities. Buck up and take accountability for your choices and/or actions.

  • Bk surfer

    Wow lots more grumps in the Heights then I though and to think there are so many dogs. How do you live in such an area. God for bid you go to the woods or ocean were wild creatures poop and “gasp” no one cleans it up!! Please stay in the city for your own sake and leave the real world of animal feces helicopter and car horns to those who can tolerate it

  • Cooper

    BK Surfer. Are you really a stupid jerk, or just pretending?

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Bk surfer,
    My brother-in-law is hiking the Pacific Crest Tail as we speak.
    He told us that you have to dig a hole 6 inches deep and away from any water source in order to bury your own poop while out in the wilderness.
    If they can make that rule for hikers out in the wilderness why should civilized people have to put up with dog poop illegally deposited into private garbage cans. Why should I have to dodge puddles of pee every morning on my way to the store.

  • nabeguy

    Removing your dogs excrement from public view in accordance with law does not give you the right to violate your neighbors trust and dump it in their trash. If you’re walking your dog, take the extra hike
    and dispose of it properly.

  • Mr. Crusty

    I think BK Surfer demonstrates the harmful cognitive effects of inhaling too much dog poo.

  • http://aol tom

    I have to deal with the lazy jerks at 317 3rd street, at one point they were dumping ALL their garbage by me. Their excuse that it was legal because I had outside garbage cans. Another moron claimed that since he had asked me nicely and I said no that he was entitled because I was being an AH for not allowing it. Another claimed it was reperations for the 300 years of racism against black men. They were holding parties on my roof because they did not want to ruin their roof. I even found their TV Dish bolted on my roof because they were not allowed by COOP rules to put it on theirs. They take my cans, fill them with their trash, then return the cans. The Police were just as stupid, During an argument with the jerks, PD claimed they cound not use the security tapes, then argued it was the wind.

  • Bk surfer

    If we are going by what is legal and not then the original sign on a streetpost is also illegal to post there per sanitation guidelines. Everyone needs to calm down and get a grip. and nice job willowst on calling your brother-in-law a wild creature. And its ironic mr crusty is calling me out haha. Cooper I am a normal resident like you doing my best and I take responsibility for my dog(s) by cleaning up after then

  • Carlotta

    Dog poop in the Heights has been an issue since I moved here, in the early 60s and I’m sure before that. After the pooper-scooper law came into effect, at least most of the sidewalks were cleared of the mess. But it now appears that a large number of dog owners believe that their dogs should have privileges that exceed civility. Clearly picking up after your dog is a necessity, and placing that feces in a public bin or your own bin is the law, but I’m speaking of where the owners allow their dogs to do their business – urinating and defecating on the grass around trees and on the park lawns. Unfortunately there is no law preventing this and in a seemingly hostile response to the request that dogs do their business in the street at the curb, dog owners allow the dogs to dig up grass and do their business where ever they choose. My issue is not only that trees and grass are not fond of this ‘detritus’ but many children enjoy the park (Cadman Plaza Park particularly) and no matter how much you scoop, there is trace left. Flies and mosquitoes, among other pesky bugs are attracted leaving less and less area for the children to play. Those citizens who have problems with large carriages and mommies taking up sidewalk space, notwithstanding, children should have a clean park in which to play.

  • yoohoo

    Carlotta, you have to talk to the dog owners while they congregate in the morning and evening and allow their dogs run off the leash despite the posted hours (permitted only before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m.), but I warn you of their unprintable response.

  • KG

    BK Surfer, the mind boggles. How nice of you to “try” to put it in bins with bags; I’m sure the bin owners LOVE digging out your putrid dog crap.

    I agree with Jane — I’m am other of a one year old and people are NOT shy telling me where I can’t throw my kid’s dirty diaper away. {Shrugs} And a tighty folded diaper, wrapped up in at least one bag, is a LOT different than just a bag of crap. Gross.

    Glad I don’t live in a big enough building that I don’t have to manage this.

  • Golden Ruler

    If you think it’s ok for your dog to eliminate on the sidewalk, do it in front of YOUR building. If you think it’s ok to put the dog poop in private garbage cans, put it in YOUR building’s cans. If you choose to have a dog, assume responsibility for what that entails. Grow up.

  • eg

    What happened to the to the signs “Curb Your Dog” which I remember being up all the the streets when I was growing up a long while ago? If it was the law then , it still is, just ignored.

    I do agree that some dog owner are lazy. (maybe stupid) about not caring about their neighborhood. I’ve seen a lady let the dog poop in front of my house many days in a row (dog liked that spot) after I objected. Last week, another elderly lady let her small dog pee in front of the house also(on the sidewalk near the entrance). I suggested the curb but all I got was a blank stare. These women were well dressed and should have known better.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Sounds like the city could make some $$$ if they policed this situation. Who do we contact regarding this?
    As for the urinating on sidewalks and buildings, I believe dog owners are clueless about this regulation or at least I hope so, otherwise 90% of them are complete a-holes. They allow their dogs to do it right out in the open and show no remorse so I assume they’re ignorant.
    Please be a good, responsible & respectful neighbor!

  • http://aol tom

    BagleBoy and Coper hit it right on the head, These loosers want to feel important. They own nothing so by making a filthy mess on other people’s property, they can feel privilaged. This is also the fault of both Sanitation and the NYPD. They actually defend the dog owners, They do not want to be bothered, so they do everything in their power to blow the ticketing.If they spent 5 minutes on a Saturday afternoon they would find a dozen violations. Dogs in the children’s playground, peeing on the astroturf, peeing on people’s stoops and sidewalks. They do not want to argue with anyone so when they do come out once a year they stand out in the open with the Official vehicle, so only the blind can miss them, then only deal with poop left on the sidewalk, nothing ese.