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Han’s Market Now Selling Bike Helmets For Citibikers

Seeing opportunity outside the door, Han’s Market on Clark Street is now selling bicycle helmets alongside the cereal and cookies. They cost $20 each and come in various sizes, though the law states that only children 13 and under are required to wear one.

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Wonder of Wonders: Post Piece Positive About Bike Share

The New York Post has been unremittingly negative (for example, see here) about the Citi Bike sharing program and the inconvenience it has allegedly caused. So it came as a surprise to your correspondent to see this story. The headline–“Bikes’ ‘slim’ Chance”–led me to expect another slam, but the article extols the calorie-destroying qualities of […]

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NY Post: The Bike Stops Here!

Today’s New York Post cover story is on the “well-heeled” NYC residents who have been able to get Citi Bike stations either completely relocated or partially removed. As of now “at least 10″ stations have been affected, nine of which are in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn Heights—specifically 60 Remsen St. The man in this […]

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NY Times Writer Describes Citi Bike Share Trials And Tribulations

New York Times writer Gina Bellafante writes about her experience with Citi Bike Share and it wasn’t totally awesome.

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Mishpucha! Our Old Pal Gersh Kuntzman Is Bike Blogging For the NY Daily News

Gersh Kuntzman, former Editor-in-Chief of the Brooklyn Paper, was one of this site’s earliest – nay.. first – supporters. A couple of years back, he moved on work on that New York Times/CUNY Fort Greene blog thingy. Last year, he headed over the the NY Daily News as a deputy managing editor (hope he got […]

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Call The Waaaambulance: NY Observer Writer Lays The Citi Bike Smackdown On Brooklyn Heights

It’s Week 2 of Citi Bike Share and most folks have already gotten used to those blue spoked devils. As a matter of fact, life is almost getting back to normal. That is unless you’re the NY Post, the Daily News, a Gothamist writer, some residents of 150 Joralemon or Kim Velsey of the New York Observer. In a piece entitled Stay Classy, Brooklyn Heights: Residents Stage Puerile, Trashy Attack On Bike Share the latter writes about the recent Citi Bike dust up on Joralemon Street in such a manner that bike lovers and haters might agree is a little over the top:

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Tale Of The Tweet: 150 Joralemon Literally Dumps On Citi Bike Share In Brooklyn Heights

Twitter user @duckumu shared a photo of the Citi Bike Share docking station at 150 Joralemon Street covered in what appears to be the building’s garbage (or at least its paper/recycling pile). As previously reported, the building is at odds with the city and the bike share program over the docking station near the property. […]

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Brooklyn Heights Area Octogenarian Hearts Citi Bike Share

Transportation alternative maven blog Brooklyn Spoke tweeted a photo of “Werner, in his 70s, lives in Brooklyn Heights, hasn’t been on a bike in 15 years” earlier today. The kicker? He’s a Citi Bike Share customer.

But…wait…there’s more.

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Passive-Aggressive Parallel Parking at CitiBike Station

The New York Post has yet another article (as do we!) about the CitiBike shares, this one focusing on the inconveniences they’ve caused to drivers and the DSNY.

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Area Man Claims Citi Bike In Brooklyn Heights Made Him Late For Work

Don’t shoot the messenger on this one. Ok, maybe but we’re just the messenger relaying a message from another messenger who reblogged a message from the original messenger. Yes, this allegedly happened in Brooklyn Heights as told to the NY Post through the lens of Gothamist: Gothamist: “The first station at Montague and Clinton isn’t […]

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