Mishpucha! Our Old Pal Gersh Kuntzman Is Bike Blogging For the NY Daily News

Gersh Kuntzman, former Editor-in-Chief of the Brooklyn Paper, was one of this site’s earliest – nay.. first – supporters. A couple of years back, he moved on work on that New York Times/CUNY Fort Greene blog thingy. Last year, he headed over the the NY Daily News as a deputy managing editor (hope he got a cool badge). And now it looks like he’s started a blog on the paper’s website about bike riding called Spoke N Word. And before you accuse him of being a bandwagon jumper, his love of the two wheeler is well documented – not to mention the THREE bikes he’s had stolen on the mean streets of this crazy borough.

Of course, Gersh being back in the blogosphere means he’s probably going to write something about Brooklyn Heights that’ll get people (read: Homer) talking:

NYDN: The New York Observer makes a good point today: Brooklyn Heights residents are over-reacting to Citi Bike.

Now, we all know some of these bike docking stations — whose siting was unvetted, despite what the Department of Transportation claims — are big and bulky. And sometimes they’re in the wrong place.

But is this civil disobedience or just bikeholism?

Update: Gersh responds!

Photo via The Brooklyn Paper

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