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Andiamo Citi Bike Share!

The reactions to the first official day of Citi Bike Share are coming in from many media outlets and regular folks via social media. Gothamist takes the cake for the most curious (and gross) observation. What did they say? The bikes are crawling with germs. Here are their suggestions for sanitary use of the two […]

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Citi Bike Share Day One In Brooklyn Heights And Beyond

After so much whooping and hollering from all sides all sides, the Citi Bike Share program officially launched today, as evidenced by this pic along Hicks at Montague streets—where the newly filled racks extend from the corner at Heights Cafe to J. McLaughlin.

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Citi Bike Ad Urges Riders To ‘Hit The Promenade’ Where It’s Against The Law To Ride A Bike

A dispatch just in from a BHB reader raises concern about a message included in the Citibank ad on the Citi Bike kiosk located at Hicks and Montague Streets in Brooklyn Heights.

What’s all the fuss about? Read about it after the jump.

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The Citi Bikes Are Here in Brooklyn Heights!

This morning we received as dispatch on Twitter from BHB reader @jfj4 showing us that the Citi Bikes have arrived at Clark and Henry Streets. Are you ready for this jelly?

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Brooklyn Heights’ CitiBike Share Foes Aren’t Alone, Sorta

In case you missed it, there are other Brooklynites besides a few (gasp!) NIMBY’s in Brooklyn Heights and other brownstone neighborhoods who are not only against Citi Bike Share (which launches this Monday) but have managed to keep the kiosks out of their neighborhood completely. Bike foes meet your new friends in the “Black Hat […]

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Citi Bike Share Program: CB2 Member Claims DOT Told It Not To Vote Yea Or Nay

The wheels just keep spinning on the controversial Citi Bike Share program. Today’s New York Post reports that The Department of Transportation told Brooklyn Community Board 2 not to hold an up-or-down vote on the bike-share proposal—and “did not do enough to engage the public” about where the racks would be located, a board employee […]

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Citi Bike Share “Ambassadors” Will Be At Willowtown Fair Saturday

We’ve just been told by Willowtown Association President Ben Bankson that “Ambassadors” for the Citi Bike Share program will be at the Willowtown Spring Fair this Saturday, May 18. According to Mr. Bankson: “Ambassadors” from the city’s new bike-share program to begin Memorial Day will be present at Willowtown’s Spring Fair on Saturday, the 18th, […]

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Bike Rack Switcheroo: Remsen to Hicks

As the photo shows, racks for the Citi Bike Share program have been placed along the west side of Hicks Street going south from Montague, in front of Heights Cafe, Dellarocco’s, and J McLaughlin. According to BHB Ten 2012 honoree Sahmi Rum, who mourns the loss of parking spaces, the racks were moved from Remsen […]

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These Videos Show Bike Share Mischief In Paris – Is Brooklyn Heights Next?

While NYC prepares for the launch of the Citi Bike Share program, it’s worth taking a look at the King of All Bike Shares in France to get an idea of what we can expect in the next few months. Paris launched its Velib bike sharing program in 2007. The New York Times wrote in […]

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Disdain Over Citibike Stations Turns To Legal Action, Including 150 Joralemon Street

The Citi Bike Share program is now prompting more than simple community disdain. Add a collection of lawsuits against the city and its Department of Transportation—including one by the co-op board of 150 Joralemon Street. Racks there are allegedly getting in the way of garbage collection, “with three other racks in a three-block vicinity offering […]

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