Citi Bike Share “Ambassadors” Will Be At Willowtown Fair Saturday

We’ve just been told by Willowtown Association President Ben Bankson that “Ambassadors” for the Citi Bike Share program will be at the Willowtown Spring Fair this Saturday, May 18. According to Mr. Bankson:

“Ambassadors” from the city’s new bike-share program to begin Memorial Day will be present at Willowtown’s Spring Fair on Saturday, the 18th, from 3 to 5 p.m. to introduce how the program works and answer questions about it. The ambassadors will be at a table at the fair’s site, Willow Place. One of the items to be offered in the fair’s raffle is a packet of five one-day passes to try out the system.


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  • Joe A

    Will they be wearing helmets?

  • T

    Should be fun to check out the bikes!

  • Realist

    Yes, I think they should wear protective gear. I don’t think they will get a very cordial reception from the majority of Brooklyn Heightsites!

  • petercow

    And you base that on what, exactly? Comments on this site?

  • Wiley E.

    That was a good zing! And, maybe the bike diploes will consider wearing protective, or washable clothing.

    Lawyers hoping to represent rent-a-bike pedestrian victims (especially BH seniors) should come to the fair and pass-out their business cards. Get the case-formats rolling. (catch the pun?)

  • PB

    They’ll get a cordial reception from me — I’m excited for the bike program.

  • petercow

    Maybe there will be a special appearance from Jim Walden or Iris Weinshall, and they can scream, “Get the hell off my my lawn!”

  • Carlotta

    Before you go after the bicyclists who don’t yet exist, how about the delivery guys on bikes. I was inches from being knocked down by a Monty Q delivery man who was heading south on Clinton and went through the light at Montague – luckily I was taught to look both ways!

  • Joe A

    Don’t judge how BH residents feel about the bike share program by a couple of squeaky wheels that post on here. I would venture to say that the majority of BH residents are supportive of the program.

  • Joe A

    There is a great article in the Daily News regarding the bike share program addressing many of the complaints that we have heard voiced here and you should read it.

    But more specifically to the erroneous belief that most residents oppose the program, the article stated:

    The bottom line is that a vast majority of New Yorkers welcome New York’s newest way to get around. A Quinnipiac poll last year revealed 72% city support for bike share — and there has been a steady stream of requests for the program in neighborhoods throughout all five boroughs.

    This fits what Transportation Alternatives’ field team sees in the streets every day. For example, in less than four hours, we collected 500 signatures in support of the Petrosino Square bike share station — which a few squeaky wheels in SoHo had complained about.

  • Marathoner

    I agree, those guys really need to have lights on, at the very least

    They’re taking slow steps – now some of them wear vests with the establishment’s name on them, albeit in very small print

    All politics being local – be sure to let the restaurant owners know that you’d like to see their delivery guys being a little safer – lights, vests and following traffic a little better

  • brixtony

    This morning the police emergency portable headquarters vehicle was parked in front of 10 Clinton. The thing itself barely fit in the space and the bikes are not there yet. With them in place, it wouldn’t have been able to fit at all. Also – people in my building who are very tuned in to local affairs (much more than me) say that in fact they weren’t informed that that rack would take up the space it does.
    Also/also: (and I’m still for it) most folks who don’t read this blog, still don’t understand that these are commuter bikes. not suitable for excursions. I’m not sure the approval will be as high when this sinks in.

  • Boerum Bill

    The team that’s initiating the bike share brought the idea of the deliverymen vests to the table, FYI.

  • petercow

    So the police will have to find somewhere else to park. Trust me, they always manage to find a place.

  • Alec

    oh man the Daily News even used the picture of the bike station that stole the spots that got me all riled in the first place! All that aside, I am very much looking forward to the bike share program, I just wish they could find ways to put the stations in without taking the spots – let them put it on Montague where there are meter spots instead of where the alternate side spots are located.

  • MonroeOrange

    Petercow..that has to be the most irresponsible comment you have ever made…so we should displace police vehicles for a bike rack?! Hey lets tear down 1 police plaza for more bike space too…and while we are at it…the fire houses would make good locations to keep the bikes in the winter so they don’t get rusty in the snow…

  • MonroeOrange

    Birxtony..i made this exact same prediction and was met with out right disdain from Arch, Joe and the like…but of course they still won’t acknowledge that this location is problematic…not to mention..there is a park across the street with plenty of room for the bike rack….so lets hear it bike pro people…tell me why again this is a good location?!

  • MonroeOrange

    Yes, they also require the deliverymen to wear helmets…something that bike share program doesn’t require…but of course, as most of the people that disagree with me on this site will tell you, cycling without a helmet is not dangerous (and these are the geniuses who will be riding around nyc without a helmet).

  • Bloomy

    First off, as far as I know, it is not a reserved police parking spot. So the cops find a new place to park. Big freaking deal. Once again I see you stating something to be a huge problem when it really isn’t anything.

  • Bloomy

    No one said it is not dangerous. The debate was how dangerous is it at the low speeds the Citi bikes will be traveling.

  • Joe A

    If the location proves to be problematic they can easily be moved. That is the beauty of this program, the bike stands are very portable.

  • Joe A

    Ugh? You are particularly frantic today I see. Off your meds?

  • Eddyde

    Lights are mandatory for all cyclists at night in NYC.

  • Eddyde

    And the votes confirm it.

  • petercow

    First, trust me.. I’ve made a thousand more irresponsible comments.

    More to the point. what are you talking about? This spot the police over the last few years have decided to park in.. is based on what.. some incredible calculus.. what is the algorithm that went into picking it?

    I’ll wager it’s this….. it’s convenient and they’re the cops, so that’s that.

    Now, if there is some reason they -have- to be right there, well I welcome that discussion.. otherwise, if a better use can be had, and law enforcement accommodated elsewhere, then that is that.

    If it’s a bad place for the bikes, then the dock should be moved. but because the cops are fond of there, doesn’t ipso facto make it a bad bike share location.

  • Arch Stanton

    The Bike Share Station at Clinton & CPW does not appear problematic to me.

    1. The crosswalk is not “blocked” as some have claimed.

    2. The area in question was never an official “loading zone” for 10 Clinton nor a designated “Police parking space”.
    No apartment building is entitled to a private loading zone on a public street.

    3. if the location does prove to be a problem, it can be moved to a more suitable location.

  • Arch Stanton

    I would like to say “That’s the stupidest comment you have ever made” but you have made so many stupid comments it’s impossible to know.

  • Arch Stanton

    Ridiculous paranoia.

  • Arch Stanton

    How could bike share require riders to wear helmets when there isn’t a law in NYC requiring cyclists to wear them? Who would enforce enforce such a requirement if it were made?

  • Arch Stanton

    Exactly, it is an “acceptable risk” for many.