Wonder of Wonders: Post Piece Positive About Bike Share

The New York Post has been unremittingly negative (for example, see here) about the Citi Bike sharing program and the inconvenience it has allegedly caused. So it came as a surprise to your correspondent to see this story. The headline–“Bikes’ ‘slim’ Chance”–led me to expect another slam, but the article extols the calorie-destroying qualities of riding the heavy-ish Citi Bikes. It quotes the City Department of Transportation’s estimate that riders on the shared bikes have, to date, burned off about fifty million calories, or “the equivalent of 91,000 Big Macs or, for those with a sweet tooth, 52,000 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream.” It also quotes Brooklyn Heights resident Jerome Werniuk: “I use it two or three times a day, between five- and 20-minute bike rides. I can definitely feel a bit of a workout, so I know it’s burning calories.”

Photo: Chuck Taylor

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  • Joe A

    Reminds me of the saying, Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

    Soon I expect we’ll hear Monroe Orange claiming to have been one of bike share’s biggest supporters.

  • MonroeOrange

    No Mr. Crusty, i listed why i think the program is dangerous and inconvenient to many people…But i do hope to never hear one more comment from you about how the Post is bias…now you don’t have that argument anymore, so any of their stories that portrayed the bike program negatively, should now be valid points. I would think you would agree with that.

    By the way, how was your weekend?..im sure you made numerous threats to dump garbage in residential buildings….once again we are so lucky to have you as a neighbor. (say what you want about me, but i don’t threaten my neighbors with garbage dumping on lobby floors, stay classy Mr. Crusty!)

  • Joe A

    Stay classy says the guy/gal that is proud of his urinating in public.

  • MonroeOrange

    Mr. Crusty…i clearly explained to you that that was a joke btw hick st guy and myself…..the fact that you bring it up again, must mean you work for Fox News…you just spout whatever nonesense you feel fit, even though i already told you that was a joke.

    So once again, i made a joke..you made a threat against your neighbors!…keep up the good work Mr. Crusty..your such a wonderful addition to our neighborhood!

  • Joe A

    Ahhhhh….. A joke. Got it. Very funny to talk about having your dog and yourself urinate on people’s property. Quite the little jokester you are.

    What we have here ladies and gentlemen is MO who has been wrong on just about every single aspect of the bike share program. He talked about how no one would use it. How it would be a failure. How all these pedestrians on sidewalks will be mowed down. How the bicycles will rust. How many I juries there will be. Yada, yada, yada.

    The reality of course is what a tremendous success the program is with over 1.5 million miles already traveled. I don’t blame him/her/it for trying to change the subject.

  • MonroeOrange

    (Mr. Crusty, i think its funny that you think anyone else cares about our feud), but being that you feel the need to continue, so will I….

    What we have here ladies and gentlemen is Mr. Crusty (aka Joe A) cares so little about his neighbors and more about inanimate bikes, that he walked into a building and threatened the building with throwing garbage all over the lobby…then he admits to it and is proud of this very fact….what we really have here, is a poor excuse for a neighbor…my concerns about the bike program are safety and inconveniences…your more concerned with garbage on the seat of a bike! Grow up Mr. Crusty, its long overdue!

  • Joe A

    You are right, no one is interested in this feud but I just can’t let you get away with your sanctimonious lectures of being a good neighbor. A reminder of your own words:

    MonroeOrange • a month ago
    the chains will rust very quikly…have you ever used a bike????????? that will make these bikes unusable..perhaps it is you who should actually do the research….you 3 really should all get one bike and ride around the neighborhood together! and i hope none of you wears a helmet…have a pleasant day

    Sounds like you are wishing injury to those you disagree with. Wow, what a neighbor.

  • MonroeOrange

    Oh Mr. Crusty…you sad little man…if you bothered to post every other comment leading up to that..you will see that my comments were about safety and how not wearing a helmet in a city is a dangerous thing to do, and this program is creating that hazard. My comment was directed at you and the other who continued to argue that very point. Obviously the only way for you to realize that riding with a helmet is safer for you than to ride without, is for you to not wear a helmet!

    …but you are right, i should not have suggested you ride without a helmet…i would hate for you to hit your head and become even dumber than you already are. Poor little man..poor poor man…now i really just feel sorry for you.

  • Joe A