#SaveLICH News: Judge Orders Accounting From SUNY; Mediator Appointed

According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Carolyn E. Demarest on Thursday ordered SUNY Downstate to present a full accounting of all LICH property, assets and funds transferred to Downstate, the income derived from the properties, details about the other LICH properties SUNY plans to dispose of and more, no later than August 5.

The Eagle article says “LICH’s money trail is murky at best.” It notes that LICH’s previous owner, Continuum Health Partners, with which SUNY contracted to handle LICH’s billing after the hospital’s sale, has been accused by LICH physicians and staff of failing to bill for many services performed after the sale. Judge Demarest’s order also requires SUNY to account for $15 million it withdrew from a fund last year that was supposed to be used exclusively to pay for LICH’s costs of operation.

In a related development, the Daily News reports that retired New York Supreme Court judge, former state senator, and city councilman William Thompson Sr., father of mayoral hopeful William Thompson, has been appointed by Judge Johnny Lee Baynes to act as a “mediator” in the dispute between LICH doctors and nurses and SUNY over SUNY’s attempt to close LICH.

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  • Bill

    Does the mediator mean SUNY is correct is closing LICH and the state is looking to smooth the way to closing LICH?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    That’s a good question. Judge Baynes, who appointed Thompson, has been adamant on SUNY’s being in violation of his order to keep LICH operating. The Daily News refers to Thompson as a “mediator,” but it’s hard to see what there is to mediate. We’ll keep a close watch on developments.