Passive-Aggressive Parallel Parking at CitiBike Station

The New York Post has yet another article (as do we!) about the CitiBike shares, this one focusing on the inconveniences they’ve caused to drivers and the DSNY.

But they also included this parking protest that took place at a CitiBike Station in the neighborhood on Tuesday. I was going to play a little game of “Guess the Spot!” but this one is too easy. Not so easy is the way (s)he was able to fit—I can’t parallel park even when no cars are around. Who is this silent protestor? And does (s)he give lessons on S-turns?

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  • Alec

    I complain about the parking, but this a) seems to far and b) is asking to get towed – it must be someone from Big Brother with a placard

  • MartinLBrooklyn

    Every work day on Monroe Place about 7 or 8 cars park on the illegal side displaying Federal Court Officer permits. They impede traffic, block deliveries and force plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen to pay for parking or suffer parking tickets. We are not going to complain about the spaces bikes take; perhaps one car per ten bikes. But what about the Federal civil service workers using the nabe as their personal parking lot?

  • Joe Dudas

    No doubt this activity and new biking infractions will generate enough revenue from fines to pay back the entire CitiBike effort plus much more

  • Joe A

    We heard all about obnoxious bike riders (and rightfully so I might add) but how about the obnoxiousness of car drivers like this moron. It would be a real shame if a car like this ended up getting damaged by a city share key. Not that I’m suggesting that of course.

  • Joe A

    Daily bike trips now over 10,000.

    5 pm Round-Up

    Trips 5 pm – 5 pm current day: 10,099
    Trips since launch: 30,988

    Avg Duration (current day): 17 min, 43 sec
    Miles traveled since launch: 85585 miles

    Most popular starting stations
    8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 76
    Broadway & W 57 St: 67
    W 41 St and 8 Ave: 63

    Most popular ending stations
    W 21 St & 6 Ave: 80
    Old Slip and Front Street: 60
    W Houston St & Hudson St: 59

  • PB

    I saw this whole thing go down.

    The rack was down to two bikes late Tuesday morning as commuters took the bikes to work,

    This idiot parks there.

    The car does get ticketed — I looked, it was for $115! Parking in a No Standing zone without the proper placard (I was curious whether the city had a new type of infraction — blocking a bike rack).

    And how did he wedge himself (or herself) in there? He didn’t. CitiBike came along midday to restock the rack and just filled it up around him.

    The real question is… How’d the driver get out without damaging any bikes?!?

  • petercow

    That sh*t makes me happy, cause they will get ticketed. Bonus points if they get towed.

  • petercow

    It will be interesting, when the ‘daily’ ridership opens up, what stations will be popular, etc.

  • Bob Sacamano

    I think its great this guy parked like that. Those bikes take up too much parking space which can be used for people who needs cars to come into the area to conduct their business. While I am for the bike share program just not at the sacrifice of parking spaces. There are too many initial bikes put out in this program that are going to sit idle.

  • RobertMoses

    Parking at Cadman Plaza much less expensive thatn $115 ticket. Guy is an idiot. Should have left the car home and purchased a Citibike key for $100 instead!

  • Arch Stanton

    There is no “proper placard” for being in a no standing zone. No parking permits allow parking in, no standing zones, fire zones, bus stops, fire hydrants, crosswalks or driveways.

  • Arch Stanton

    About 8 bikes fit into 1 parking space. Cyclists need to come here and conduct business as well, Therefore, Bike Share will make it easier for more people to come here conduct business.

    If you read PB’s comment below “The rack was down to two bikes late Tuesday morning as commuters took the bikes to work”
    Sounds like there might not be enough bikes!

  • petercow

    “Bob Sacamano” -guess what.. more people with bikes, more turnover.. more money spent locally.

    You’re a troll, so this is the last I’ll say in response to you.

  • PB

    Bob, I’m curious. Why do you think it’s fair that 100% of curb space should be dedicated cars when fewer than 50% of New Yorkers own a car?

  • Bob Sacamano

    Go s**t in your hat.

  • Bob Sacamano

    Because there are many people who come into the neighborhood for business reasons that need a car. Removing parking spaces hinders people from coming into the neighborhood to conduct their business. Not everyone can do what they need to do during the day on a bike or via the subway. Let them pay the meters and get parking tickets.

  • Bob Sacamano

    Your mother is a troll.

  • Mark Lyon

    I bet the bike moving guys took particular pride in filling the bikes in all the spaces around the car first.

  • Mark Lyon

    I didn’t think anyone would do the daily memberships, but every time I’ve gotten a bike there has been at least a person or two trying to swipe their cards and get a bike now. I’ve explained the preview period to many; most of the non-tourists said they were signing up ASAP.

  • Arch Stanton

    If their “business” is that important thy can pay to park in a garage. That’s what I do if I have to take my car into manhattan during the day. I figure $50 for parking and cover it as a business expense. Parking here is even cheaper.
    Also, only about 1% of the on street parking was lost to Bike Share, it will hardly even be noticeable.

  • ganjibus

    Should’a said “Go s**t in your HELMET.”
    But Peter is right.
    You are a troll.
    And an A**hole.

  • Bob Sacamano

    That’s funny.

  • CTP

    pay back to whom exactly? citibank, mastercard and the other corporate bankrollers? it didn’t cost tax payers a thing…

  • Joe Dudas

    The city: gov’t human capital, city planning, sponsor / fund raising, lost parking space revenue. The list goes on…

  • Nathan Noland

    I hope that people protesting citibike will eventually realize what a wonderful addition it is to this great city. I’m already getting in better shape and seeing NYC in a whole new way while riding around.

  • CTP

    and considering it seems to have exceeded expected popularity, it will probably make the city more money.

    i think you’re reaching. in the wrong direction.

  • Joe A

    I think businesses are going to be very happy with the bike share program. It will allow so many more customers to visit their establishments than would otherwise be possible.

  • Joe A

    And accurate.

  • bob sacamano

    I find it interesting how people attack a person when they don’t agree with another comment posted. I am referring to my original post. I’m entitled to my opinion and I don’t think the bike share program should take away parking spaces.

    Most of the posters on this blog are pieces of stool anyway.

  • PB

    Bob, I asked why “you think it’s fair that 100% of curb space should be dedicated cars when fewer than 50% of New Yorkers own a car?”

    and you answer

    “Because there are many people who come into the neighborhood for business reasons that need a car.”

    Fair enough, I hadn’t thought of that.

    So clearly the answer isn’t to deprive the bike share program of the 1/200th of the parking spaces they use for bike docks but instead to 1) convert a much larger share of parking spaces to parking meters, and 2) charge prices high enough at meters that people don’t park there all day (though Muni-meters have cut down on that to some degree).

    Do you have a problem with that? Or do you think it’s wrong for a single parking space, metered or not, to be used for anything other than cars?