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Crash Damaged Brooklyn Heights Promenade Fence Fixed

We noticed that the damage done by an errant driver last Wednesday to the Promenade railing has been fixed. On Monday, after calls to 311 from BHB readers and the BHA concerned that a wayward toddler or pooch would find their way through the gap and onto the BQE below, orange safety netting was put […]

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Promenade Protection Progress

Following last Wednesday’s collision on the Promenade, a number of BHB readers were concerned about the potential hazard of the gaping hole between the bent vertical bars.  Recognizing that it would be terrible if a child fell through, BHB poster Linda called 311, which resulted in some tape being applied. 

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Gap in Promenade Fence Now Secured With…Tape?

The breach made by Wednesday night’s car crash in the Promenade fence, all that stands between an errant toddler and a plunge to the BQE, has now been “secured” by police tape. Parents should keep a sharp eye on small children on the Promenade in the vicinity of Clark Street.

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Promenade Crash: The Morning After

It’s just another day on the promenade this morning, with German tourists snapping photos and joggers swerving to avoid kids on scooters. But at the Clark St. entrance, the fragments from last night’s crash still remain. As do questions: Who was at the wheel? Why was he or she driving so fast? And was this […]

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Car Smashes Into Brooklyn Heights Promenade Fence

Reader “Y” on OTW tipped us off to this: earlier this evening, a car came down Clark Street at what must have been a pretty good clip, crossed Columbia Heights and kept going, smashing through the barricades that have blocked off the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade for lo! so many months, crossed the […]

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