Promenade Crash: The Morning After

Photo by HQ

It’s just another day on the promenade this morning, with German tourists snapping photos and joggers swerving to avoid kids on scooters. But at the Clark St. entrance, the fragments from last night’s crash still remain. As do questions: Who was at the wheel? Why was he or she driving so fast? And was this the fault of the driver or vehicle? The 84 hasn’t made a statement yet, and even the diners at Clark St. know little about the crash. More to come as we hear.

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  • Buddy Holly

    Someone has in a hurry to get to Manhattan. But you know what they say about ‘short cuts’. They don’t always work out as planned.

    What did the car look like after kissing the fence?

  • T.K. Small

    IMPORTANT OBSERVATION: I just returned from taking a look at the recent collision. What does it really come through from the photo is that the space between the vertical bar is is fairly substantial. Parents should be very careful with little kids! My niece is three and I am fairly certain that she could fall through.

  • T.K. Small

    Sorry about the typo. My comment should have read “doesn’t” instead of “does it”. Parents please beware!

  • Linda

    I agree with T.K. having just gotten back from the Promenade and viewing the gap between the bars. I am always a little nervous when I see an unattended toddler hanging onto the bars as I know for a fact that my tiny toddler granddaughter would have been able to squeeze through the bars even before this accident occured.

  • Linda

    I just put in a call to 311 to report the damage to the fence on the Promenade. The operator called 911 and told me to report what I had just told her. They said they would send the police out to take a look at it.

  • Linda

    I am happy to report that the fence on the Promenade has been taped up.

  • T.K. Small

    Good job Linda! I was planning to go over there and take a picture with exact measurements.

  • SueR

    Linda, thank you for reporting this. I haven’t been over to the Promenade today. What did they use for tape? We can only hope it won’t be removed.

  • Linda

    The tape looks similar to the stuff they use at crime scenes.
    It doesn’t look very sturdy. I will keep my eyes on it though and if it appears that it isn’t holding up I have no problem calling again. I realized when I spoke to the person at 311 that I needed to be very specific as the person taking the report really had no idea what the Brooklyn Heights Promenade was. Hard to explain to someone who is not familiar with the area that the only thing keeping all of us from falling onto the BQE was this fence and it had been compromised. Once they realized the gravity of the situation, they immediately called 911 and told me to relay the information.
    TK, I like your idea about taking pictures. I think perhaps they might be needed in the future. Hopefully not but you never know.

  • mykelde

    i live right over the accident site. it happened about 10:00 at night when my friend & i heard a loud crash. i thoght it was an accident on the bqe but looking down there was a small compact car smashed up pretty bad. a crowd gathered with lots of people taking pictures while an older gentlemen was still in the car. the air-bag definitely saved his life. he was able to walk with assistance to a bench where he waited for an ambulance.they arrived about 10 minutes later. the police about 10 minutes after that. thank the gods that there was nobody hurt i.e. the innocent bystander. he must have fallen asleep or taken medication. in the past i also have had problems describing the clark st entrance to the promenade to 311 & 911.