Crash Damaged Brooklyn Heights Promenade Fence Fixed

We noticed that the damage done by an errant driver last Wednesday to the Promenade railing has been fixed. On Monday, after calls to 311 from BHB readers and the BHA concerned that a wayward toddler or pooch would find their way through the gap and onto the BQE below, orange safety netting was put in place.

Kudos to Neil Harmon Manager of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for getting fix up job done. What’s still fascinating to many is that he — as well as the 84th Precinct — were totally unaware that a car had driven onto the Promenade by accident and caused this damage.

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  • GHB

    Now, if only they’d fix that damn sinkhole!

  • Linda

    Seems very odd to me that a car could crash into the Brooklyn Heights Promenade without the police being called and a report filed.
    A big Thank You to Neil Harmon.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Yes, fix the sink hole. It’s interesting that the city acknowledges that it exists — there is a very professional sign newly installed that indicates that the entrance is closed (Duh!) and directs people to the exits at Pineapple and Pierrepont!

  • JM

    So does anyone out there know why/how there is no police report or public explanation for cause of this bizarre “accident”?

  • Josh G

    Agreed – fix the sinkhole! Unless the MTA is planning a new entrance to the 2/3..

  • heightsguy

    A few months ago they were trying to fix the sink hole, and a worker stated that the dirt kept falling down and down. I pointed out that the 2/3 runs underneath and there is probably a huge empty space created by a century of shaking. the foreman said “nah”. But they gave up and walked away, apparently. Maybe we could plug it with The Donald.

  • WillowtownCop

    An accident report was filed, not a crime report. The crime analysis people don’t deal with those, highway safety does.

    Sorry it’s not the scandal some people sound like they would like it to be.

  • officer krupke

    then the knucklehead at crime analysis should get off his high horse and say something

  • JM

    Exactly. I’m not looking for a “scandal” but it seems like the cause, when determined by police, should be public knowledge, right?

  • WillowtownCop

    If it was a crime it should be. If someone had a heart attack or something that’s not public information.

  • WillowtownCop

    And seeing that no one was hurt there won’t be an investigation to comment on.

  • Linda

    So, no one at the scene of the accident saw that the fence that separates the Brooklyn Heights Promenade from the BQE had been seriously compromised? As far as I am concerned if a small child could have slipped through the opening of the fence, a very dangerous and hazardous condition existed as a result of the accident and surely should have been addressed immediately.

  • Ari

    Here’s your scandal:

    It was a police officer who was driving the car. A “high” ranking one. :)

    Proverbially swept under the rug.

  • WillowtownCop

    No, it was a drunk ADA wearing a wire.