Sahadi’s Expanding

A neighborhood institution since 1948, Sahadi’s is looking to expand:

CurbedNY: Owner Charles Sahadi says the new addition would add 1,500 square feet to the store. Reports the Brooklyn Eagle, “He added that Sahadi’s is no longer only a Middle Eastern food store, but carries a wide variety of food. It seeks, he says, to offer a more unusual and wider variety than the average food market.” This might be the time to point out that Trader Joe’s sits directly across Atlantic Avenue from the store. Ladies and gentlemen, let the battle of the bulk bins begin.

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  • Heightser

    Mr. Sahadi is a great, neighborhood man. Wish there were more around like him. Looking forward to spending more of my money there!

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Been going to Sahadi since I can remember-if all stores were run like, this it would be a FAR better city

    All the best luck

  • Matthew Parker

    Agreed! In a world of corporatist choices (including you, Mr. Trader Joe), it’s a privilege to have Sahadi’s in our midst. I love their store, which helps me eat like a prince and for a fair price. Not only that, but such great folks running Sahadi’s.

    The only thing I now get at TJs is Lindeman’s Lambic, which is staple for myself and the Missus.

  • nabeguy

    Charlie, please, please expand to Long Island. I don’t know how I’ll survive without Sahadi’s…an emporium of sublime flavors at prices to match.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    nabeguy….Long Island

    It just doesn’t ring poetic. Nabe, I’m going to miss ya.

    One thing Long Island does have are nice supermarkets in the malls, a tad better than Keyfood and Gristedes.

  • AL

    Nabeguy – Why the move from a house and nabe you love?

  • Robert H. Sand

    Sahadi’s has been a neighborhood treasure for many years. One can only hope that an expanded shop will retain the atmosphere: aromas crowds and all.

  • Ginny

    Great to hear Sahadi’s is expanding. They have long ago outgrown their space. As for Trader Joe’s, it’s no competition as far as I’m concerned.

  • paul

    I’m always glad to see Sahadi’s do well and make it a point to shop there. Owner is a great guy, and every time I’ve talked with him I feel he geuninely cares about his customers and seems to love what he does.

    I get the spicy hummus and baba ghanoush every time I go, also mixed nuts and dried fruit.

  • nabeguy

    Karl, I’ve seen dumpsters that are a tad better than Keyfood and Gristedes.

  • nabeguy

    AL, the answers are myriad, but primarrily for my daughter’s eduucation. And, after 55 years, it’s time to finally cut the cord.When my older brother mentioned to me the other day that he remembered the day I came home from the hospital after being born, I knew it was time to move on.

  • GHB

    Are they expanding into the space that they use for holiday gift baskets, etc. every year? Love the store and I wish them all the best!

  • Linda

    I spent 45 years trying to get off Long Island and move back to Brooklyn and you are leaving?????
    The only thing I miss about Long Island is Jones Beach and Fortunoff. Jones Beach is still there but Fortunoff is gone.

  • Rob

    My concern with the Sahadi’s and many shady middle eastern dens scattered all over Atlantic Av. is their possible/probable link to the Islamic extremists – one more reason to shop at TJ which I love. The only good thing I can see in places like Sahadi’s is that it ramps up competition and keeps prices under control…

  • David on Middagh

    @Rob: Well, shop where you wish, but be careful about those tea-partier-owned establishments! Heh heh. (Unless you yourself are, you know, of that political persuasion. Hey, isn’t Charlie Sahadi Christian, anyway? Sorry to bring religion into this, but I hate to see a good store misunderstood.)

  • PS 8 parent

    I love Sahadis. I don’t dislike TJs at all, but any time I have a choice, I’ll spend the money in Sahadis.

  • misterbones

    Rob, is your bigotry some kind of performance art, or are you serious?

    I’m sure you’ve got bigger worries than whether or not the Caliphate is taking over Atlantic.

  • nabeguy

    Rob, read this for some backgroound. I coud almost bet you that some of these “middle eastern dens” hav been here a heck of a lot longer than most “real” Nerw Yorkers.

  • GHB

    Rob, are you for real? The Sahadis are (I believe) Lebanese Christians, and are among the finest business people (and the nicest) in the area. If given a choice, I’ll choose to shop there any time.

  • Flashlight Worthy


    I find your comment about “possible/probable link to the Islamic extremists” pretty close-minded. Further, I’m fairly sure that Charlie Sahadi and his family are not muslim — they’re Coptic Christians. I expect that’s why they’re closed on Sundays.

  • bornhere

    I think almost everyone’s posts about Charlie Sahadi are well intentioned; but let’s be clear — Charlie is a good guy because he’s a good guy, not because he’s a “this” or not a “that.” To think otherwise brings to mine a recent candidate arguing that another candidate was not of a certain group but, rather, a good man, as though the two were mutually exclusive.

  • Rob

    One characteristic trait of many Americans is their naivety that feeds off the openness and democracy which this country is founded on. Undoubtedly, these are very admirable and noble traits. Unfortunately, these very dignified traits are also being exploited by some not so dignified religious fanatics who found Atlantic Av. as a very convenient venue to plot such endeavors as bombing NY subway.

    Further, we are all very familiar with what happens when our naïve amiability, openness and well-natured albeit misplaced intentions override our common sense resulting in our Arab friends learning how to pilot passenger jumbo jets…

  • cobble hill gal

    Sahadi’s is a fantastic place not only because of all the delicious goods & foods it carries, but because the owners and staff are always so friendly. Stopping by Sahadi’s is one of the bright points of my day.

  • JM

    Oh my Allah Rob…I assume you turn the same keen eye and scan the neighborhood for white supremacists and separatist/survivalists too right? That would be wise considering the rash of terrorist bombings and shootings that they have perpetrated on American soil. And the Christian Fundamentalists who have bombed and shot up people on our soil? Oh and lets not forget the Irish! (I KNOW they have some of there own establishments on Atlantic, and our misguided govt. even allows them to serve beer!). And don’t lets get started on the Italians! Thank the one and only true God for vigilant and intelligent residents such as yourself. I know I for one will sleep better behind my barricaded door as the soothing sounds of Bill and Glen lull me to dreamland.

  • Heightser

    And maybe that’s why they have giant Easter eggs and bunnies in the window. After searching for a traditional filling for hamantashen, that I found only at Sahadi’s, Mr. Sahadi said to me, “If the people in this world could only get along as well as the products in my store, the world would be a much nicer place.”

  • JM

    Amen Heightser, Amen.

  • north heights res

    So, Rob, I guess you avoid Remsen St., too, since that’s where the anti-Semitic bomber lived?

  • lcd

    @Heightster – hamantashen filling?? where do they keep that?

  • Heightser

    @lcd – It’s called Mun (Yiddish). It’s poppyseed filling. Very traditional for hanatashen. It’s canned. Ask Mr. Sahadi. He’d be happy to show you where it is.

  • lcd

    Thanks Heighster – I could eat it right out of the can!