Promenade Protection Progress

Following last Wednesday’s collision on the Promenade, a number of BHB readers were concerned about the potential hazard of the gaping hole between the bent vertical bars.  Recognizing that it would be terrible if a child fell through, BHB poster Linda called 311, which resulted in some tape being applied.  While the tape was definitely an improvement, to many, it still seemed dangerous.  Over the weekend, this reporter contacted Judy Stanton of the Brooklyn Heights Association.  Ms. Stanton immediately brought this to the attention of Neil Harmon Manager of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for this area.  Curiously he was unfamiliar with this problem, even after the 311 complaint had been responded to.

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  • Linda

    Thank goodness for TK and Judy Stanton. I have in the past contacted Judy and she has always come through.
    We can all rest a bit easier now.

  • T.K. Small

    Linda: Thanks for the vote of confidence. In getting involved, I was only thinking of my three-year-old niece and the other Brooklyn Heights little ones.

  • Ken

    A child and a small dog too! I have seen many yorkies lately running around Montague Street, one almost jumped in front of a car. The children are important but so are the animals.

  • Linda

    Small dogs can still get under the fence on the promenade. I know for a fact that my “granddog Harry” (a 12 pound dachshund) could certainly fit under the fence if he was not on a leash.
    Dogs should always be kept on a leash especially the small ones.
    At least now the children are safe!

  • za

    How about tackling now the motorbikes that are start running red lights? Seen it twice today in the neighborhood.

  • T.K. Small

    It’s not just motorbikes. The other day I was crossing Henry & Montague from Corcoran toward Andy’s. Despite having the crosswalk in my favor, a bicyclist felt it imperative to weave her way through the many pedestrians. If I didn’t slow down we would have crashed.