One BBP Scores First Retail Leases

Two stores, a pet boutique and a wine shop, will be the first tenants in retail space at One Brooklyn Bridge Park:

New York Observer: Brooklyn Bridge Bark, a high-end pet boutique, has signed one of the inaugural leases for 1,760 square feet of ground-floor space on Park Drive in a long-term deal. “One Brooklyn Bridge, being right next to the Pier 6 Dog Run in this gorgeous park,” said John Squires, president of Brooklyn Bridge Bark, in a statement, “is a prime location that lends itself to … playful exchange and social activity.”

Meanwhile, Waterfront Wines and Spirit, which specializes in boutique European wines and organic beverages, has leased 1,170 square feet on Joralemon Street in a long-term deal. “The building is an ideal location for a boutique wine store,” said Donald Killinger, a partner in the company along with Maio Martinez.

The Observer article quotes one of the brokers involved in both lease deals as saying there is much interest in the remaining retail spaces, especially those for restaurants.

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  • Marnia

    I don’t drink and don’t have a dog, but, hey, many others do. Very interested in the restaurants that will eventually appear. Even more interested in watching the flow of foot traffic as it changes throughout the neighborhood in the coming years (good and bad).

  • AEB

    A pet boutique and a wine shop. Isn’t a (or one) definition of madness the compulsion to do the same unavailing thing over and over again?

  • AEB

    (That should have been …”isn’t the (or one)….”)

  • Gatornyc

    AEB, unavailing? When was the last time you saw either a pet store or wine shop close in the area?

  • Publius

    The dog store better offer grooming or else it won’t generate enough revenue to survive.

  • AEB

    You ARE being facetious, Gatornyc, no?

  • Gatornyc

    Actually, no. I can’t recall a single pet or wine store close in the area. You?

  • Gatornyc

    And the one on the corner of HIcks and Middagh (maybe it was another block up) doesn’t count. No foot traffic and I could never figure out what exactly they were trying to sell.

  • AEB
  • AEB

    By the way:

    Thank you, Jesus! It’s just a kiss away!

  • Dave

    I agree AEB and Gatornyc. I was surprised to see a wine shop smack in the middle of Montague Wines and Heights Chateau. If more housing and restaurants goes in the park they will clearly benefit. But not many customers to the West. However, while it feels like we have hit the saturation point, I haven’t seen many wine shops folding.

    If you expand your maps AEB, the wine map becomes even more interesting. It makes a giant circle around Downtown Brooklyn with the new Wright and Goebel smack in the middle. I don’t know what is going on there, but seems to be well located given the new builds. There isn’t a PJ’s or any massive big box liquor store. Hopefully the traffic snarl in the area saves it from big boxes. But it seems the pols are in the mood to be courted by deeper than local pockets.

    With Petsmart opening on Atlantic, I’d be very nervous about opening a pet store. Hopefully both of these retailers have good business plans. And there’s always internet sales.