Gap in Promenade Fence Now Secured With…Tape?

The breach made by Wednesday night’s car crash in the Promenade fence, all that stands between an errant toddler and a plunge to the BQE, has now been “secured” by police tape. Parents should keep a sharp eye on small children on the Promenade in the vicinity of Clark Street.

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  • Linda

    Maybe we should take a picture of the tape and send it to our local politicians and ask them if this is an acceptable way to fix a fence on the promenade.
    It took three days to get someone to at least tape up the fence.
    I wonder how long we will have to wait for a permanent solution?

  • x

    I dont think they need to fix the fence. It is just slightly bent.

  • spm

    and what about the ENTRANCE to the Promenade from Clark Street? How long is THAT going to be out of commission???

  • cat

    Dear x, you must not have ever had a wandering toddler on the Promenade. The opening is too big for an adult to fall through, but not so a toddler.

  • T.K. Small

    x: It depends on the angle of the photograph. If the shot is taken a little further south on the Promenade, the hole is really quite big.

  • x

    I believe the driver should be liable for the costs of fixing the fence.

  • za

    That gap is HUGE. Thank good I am overweight so I cant fall through. Maybe they should put up barricades around the hole. I am really concerned about one of the many rats slipping through it, falling onto the BQE and causing a massive car crash.

  • JM

    Has anyone heard of any more news on the cause of the car crash itself?

  • elemengee

    Car crash?! What the heck were cars doing on the promenade? and how did they get there without someone calling the police? If those of us who live in Brooklyn Heights don’t act and react to a situation like this, none of us will be able to enjoy a stroll on the promenade. As the weather warms up, we’re going to see picnicking, grilling, bicycle riding on the promenade just as I saw last summer, and now we have to contend with illegal autos on the promenade? I sincerely hope that BHA can do something about this..

  • Claude Scales

    elemengee: if you look at the linked earlier post about this incident, you’ll see that the car was coming straight down Clark Street and, either because the driver was asleep or otherwise unconscious or lost control of the car, did not turn onto Columbia Heights but instead plowed straight ahead through two barriers onto the Promenade until it was stopped by the iron fence on the outside of the Promenade.

  • T.K. Small

    Additionally, NYPD and EMS were on the scene. I’m sure that if police report was produced. Perhaps Willistowncop would know the procedures for getting a copy of the report.

  • nabeguy

    T.K. did Willowtowncop move? Or, in more immortal words, what you talkin’ bout Willis?

  • T.K. Small

    Nabeguy: Not that I am aware of, that is why I posed the question as to procedures.

  • nabeguy

    T.K. re-read your post.

  • T.K. Small

    You can blame the miscommunication on voice-recognition software, allergies and/or a cold. Take your pick.

  • nabeguy

    I’ll go with allergies. The way everyone around me is sneezing, it’s like being inside a pepper mill.