American Express Ad, Shot on Hicks Street, Airing Now

Hey, remember that American Express ad that shot at 68 Hicks Street in March? Yeah, it took up the entire corner, blocked traffic and there were hoses and stuff everywhere! We love show biz, but this shoot was a little “busy” you might say. Well folks, we first spotted it on American Idol on Thursday (Stefano got ripped off man!) and now it’s been posted online. Watch it after the jump and try to spot our neighborhood!

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  • my2cents

    Yeah seriously…!

  • nabeguy

    sheesh, is that what my annual fees are paying for? All day shoot, 7 seconds of airtime.

  • Reggie

    What I really love did not come from Just sayin’….

  • hicks-ter

    Sheesh, they had people with umbrellas walking up and down and across the street all day … for that?!