Nothing Says Happy Earth Day More Than Three Staples in a Tree

Unless you’re a Dramarama fan, you know that today is Earth Day. Mrs. Fink’s lovely stroll today was stopped in its tracks by this display of “green-ness” applied to a Hicks Street tree with 3 staples.

(Tip of the hat to David on Middagh who mentioned this earlier in the week)

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  • T.K. Small

    How’s this for an Earth Day affront. Today I went to Trader Joe’s and brought my groceries home in a plastic bag.

  • ABC

    Eh, the tree will be fine

    I sort of can’t believe two people mentioned this.

  • lori

    Whoever stapled this to a tree should be contacted about their ridiculous conflicted mistake. I know Plymouth Nursery School has a “green room”. Could it possibly be them???

  • harumph

    really?!! The green room at Plymouth should be held accountable? Please call the pre-school police!!!
    meh, this is a ridiculous story.

  • David on Middagh

    ABC, it’s not just the stapling (which sets a bad precedent, if nothing else)… it’s the unrecyclable lamination. Oops!

  • Ummm

    Think of how many trees that can be saved if we just eliminated aluminum-alloy staples from the marketplace and only used biodegradable ones.

    Mayor Bloomberg, a new cause for you to champion perhaps?

    This story….for serious?

  • nabeguy

    I’ve got to agree with David on this one. There are certainly better ways of celebrating a tree than driving 3 staples into it. However, this being Easter season and all, maybe it is appropriate.

  • Bette

    i just want to say I love that expression “meh”, whatever it means. It just speaks volumes. It’s kind of an ethnic “harumph”!

  • Claude Scales

    Bette: see here.

  • Anon

    On a side note, taking home your groceries from Trader Joe’s is much more environmentally sound in a plastic bag than a paper (provided you recycle them). That plastic bag is something like 15 times easier to ship than that paper bag, and easier to recycle too. Of course using your own bag is the best way to go.

  • AEB

    …and, Bette:

    I thought the word was Yiddish, or Yiddish-derived, but apparently not. Certainly is onomatopoetic.

  • Ari

    While urban dictionary is a reputable source, Meh did indeed originate on the Simpsons, check this out:

  • Claude Scales

    Like AEB, I was under the impression that “meh” is Yiddish. I assumed it was something a step above “feh.”

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ Ummm,

    Ummm Staples are made out of steel not “aluminum alloy”.

  • Ummm

    @ Eddy

    Even lame attempts at humor and sarcasm are somehow met with criticism on this blog. Amazing.

    Same to you Ari.

  • AEB

    I passed by these posts today and was suddenly furious.

    How alienated do some people have to be from a sense of the appropriate–from the should-be felt understanding that trees aren’t billboards–to do this kind of sh*t?

    Is everything out there, natural or human-made, fair game for any kind of marking up/advertising intrusion anyone cares to foist upon it?

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    In the sprit of earth day I remind everyone of copenhagen..
    …if ACCREDITED journalists tried to ask if the DOZENS
    of E-Mail showing top “advocates for the enviorment”
    instructing each other to fabricate studies to show we
    need to pass international climate control legislation
    they were physically thown out of any meetings by the
    UN Police.

    Scientists having credible ballanced research had to hold thier meeitng sperately across town at another facility.

    But what happened at copenhagen, even with most of the press
    doing everything they could to cover it up, has developed into the worst scientific and academic scandle of the last 50 years.

    It ALSO developed that six corporation only would be allowed to trade carbon credits…with the BILLIONS that would generate for the firms. Who sits on the boards of two of the firms…Al Gore.

    THATS the REALITY of the “enviormentalist movement”

    Remember THAT for “earth day”