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The moniker is the “nom de blog” of Brooklyn Bugle Media founder John Loscalzo, who took it from a novel he read while growing up in Queens, NY. It was called, naturally, The Adventures of Homer Fink by Sidney Offit.“Loscalzo” may be familiar to those who grew up during the “alternative rock” era. He spent most of the 80s and 90s on great radio stations like WNYU, WPDH, WRCN, WDRE and WXRK (K-Rock) in New York as well as KROQ in Los Angeles. Loscalzo has also held executive positions at Billboard Magazine, Sony, CBS-TV and MTV.Loscalzo and the staff of Brooklyn Heights Blog were recognized by the Brooklyn Heights Association with a Community Service Award in 2011.

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Ethan Hawke Film “Maggie’s Plan” Messing Up Parking This Week on Hicks Street

Boerum Hill resident Ethan Hawke’s movie “Maggie’s Plan” will be shooting on Hicks Street tomorrow and Wednesday. That would be all fine and dandy if the streets weren’t a slushy mess, alternate side parking rules are back in effect and the production is taking up all the spots south of Clark Street. Don’t get us […]

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5 Key Points Made at the Brooklyn Heights Association’s 2015 Annual Meeting

We went, we tweeted, we went home and posted this while warming up a nice packaged Fresh Direct meal. Yes, we’re living the dream here at BHB. But there were other “reporters” at the group’s annual confab and here are 5 key points or, as we believe is the vernacular, “takeaways”: 1) Judy Stanton is […]

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Open Thread Wednesday 2/25/15

What’s on your mind? Comment away! Also, feel free to add any relevant news links about Brooklyn Heights or related stories you think are interesting in the comments below! Share this Story: Tweet

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Tale of the Tweets: Brooklyn Heights Association Annual Meeting 2015

It was really cold out Tuesday night and BHA Annual Meeting also found itself competing against the season finale of Master Chef Junior and the series finale of Parks and Recreation. So, if you’re asking where all the “youngs” were there’s your answer. The meeting was held at Grace Church and featured guest speaker Justin […]

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Brooklyn Heights Pediatric Practice Tells Anti-Vaxxers to Take a Hike

Allow us to be blunt – anti-vaxxers are wrong, have never been right and have been following the advice of dopey celebrities and debunked “research” for far too long. This week, parents whose children are patients at the Brooklyn Heights pediatric practice of Doctors O’Connor, Pytlak and Dalton were told that families who refuse to […]

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Eamonn’s on Montague Street Blacks Out Its Windows

The new Eamonn’s, which replaced Taperia virtually overnight two weeks ago, has added an interesting feature — blacked out windows. What the what? Here’s what Eamonn’s with clear windows looked like: Maybe it’s the fact that we remember the bad ol’ days when a place with blacked out glass like this meant something other than […]

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Juice Press is Coming to Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights

Juice Press, purveyors of cold-pressed juices and a favorite of celebrities, is coming to Henry Street (technically part of 124 Montague Street, next to Kiehl’s). The company announced last year that it would be in five new locations including the one here and another in Connecticut. Now, the brown paper is up and the permits […]

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Amazon Prime One Hour Delivery Now Available in Brooklyn Heights

The days of having to wait 24 hours or more for those news socks, space heater, book or gadget from Amazon are officially over in Brooklyn Heights. Amazon announced this week that it’s Prime Now One Hour delivery service, which had previously been limited to Manhattan, has been expanded to include Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, […]

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Siggy’s Good Food Closes for Good in Brooklyn Heights

Earlier this week, Henry Street’s Siggy’s Good Food closed its doors forever. As previously reported, the health food establishment – where “aliens ate free” – announced it would be shutting down at the end of February.

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Open Thread Wednesday 2/18/15

What’s on your mind? Comment away! Share this Story: Tweet

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