Open Thread Wednesday 2/18/15

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  • Leandra Wortham

    I walked to Siggy’s yesterday and saw that they were already closed for good…. so sad. I will definitely miss their food and atmosphere here in the Heights!

  • DIBS

    Is the toilet planter gone or did they decide to leave that for the neighborhood?

  • AEB

    I believe the toilet planter is a gift from the good folks at the taxi dispatcher’s. Always appreciated as a touch of class in an otherwise barbarous landscape….

  • DIBS

    Makes sense. Taxi dispatchers and drivers are always such a classy lot.

  • miriamcb

    I know this is a sore spot, and I don’t want to open any of the LICH conversations. I am creating a binder for grandparents who are coming from out of town to babysit our little one for a week upcoming.

    Has anyone used or been to the NYU Emergency Department?

  • CHatter

    We have not, but my wife recently had a good experience bringing one of our kids to the urgent care place across from Dodge YMCA (called PM Pediatrics). She said they were very friendly and efficient. Also, I understand that the BH branch of Mt Sinai (in the One Pierrepont Chase bldg) offers urgent care from 9am to 9pm. We haven’t had any experience there but my primary care doc is in that practice and it is a very well run office in my experience. Good luck and hope you have a good stress-free kid-free holiday!

  • miriamcb

    Thanks! I forgot the PM place on Atlantic. We normally go to NYU in the city since her peds is associated, so all of L’s info is already in their system, but I’ll probably just list all of the options.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Last week I went to see Heather’s fantastic film “If These Knishes Could Talk” in Manhattan on the Lower East Side and laughed my butt off. Such an entertaining film. Oh yea, my guest and I had to stand up in the back of the theater because it was “SOLD OUT”. Congrats.

  • ccat

    They are a general admission er now. They treat anything you would bring someone to the er for by yourself : ear ache, mild asthma, broken arm, but they do not have a designated peds er like methodist or brooklyn hospital. It is usually not crowded and very like an urgent care clinic, since there are very few cases an ambulance could bring in for that neighborhood.

  • lauren

    Karl, I agree– Heather did a fantastic job creating a funny, informative film!

  • PubliusBklyn

    We had our baby recently at NY Presbyterian, Lower Manhattan, which is a 10 minute cab ride from Brooklyn Heights right on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the old Beekman Hospital under new management. The obstetrics unit is amazing, though I’ve never used the emergency room. As long at the Brooklyn Bridge is open for traffic (sometimes closed due to construction), it’s equidistant to Brooklyn Hospital.

  • Middagh_Girl

    If you don’t mind me asking, what doctor did you use at NY Presbyterian? My husband and I are currently looking at hospitals in both NYC and Brooklyn for our delivery.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Here’s my Yelp review. Highly recommended! We’d do it exactly the same way. The entire team at NY Presbyterian downtown made it a wonderful experience.

  • Middagh_Girl

    Thank you!

  • miriamcb

    Thanks! I have to put information down like where the ambulance will go to and I think it’s the NYU ER on Hicks, but that’s a good option if they are short on time and need a full hospital. Usually, I feel like if you have to go to an ER, I’d rather go to one with a full hospital, so each time we’ve gone to NYU which is where all of our docs are, but good to know about a closer hospital, just in case!

  • AnnOfOrange

    An option for dog and cat owners who need transportation to a veterinarian: I was about to call Pet Taxi, but asked my vet’s office for their recommendation. They said Eastern Car Service (718-499-6227). Tell the dispatcher that you are traveling with a dog/cat and they will send a car that accepts pets. It worked so well that I wanted to share the positive experience.

  • Andrew Porter

    On a two block stretch of the south side of Pineapple, from Hicks to Columbia Heights, I saw 8 piles of dog poop on the snow, left there by people who couldn’t be bothered to pick up after their little darlings.

  • Andrew Porter

    I always wonder if too many aliens ate there free…

  • Sam

    Can someone explain to me why Seedlings Preschool is allowed to stay open without a child care license? Has any parents dealt with them in the past?

  • Ella

    This is problem year round.

  • johnny cakes

    1% of the people create 99% of the poop. They are selfish and arrogant, and they have contempt for the rest of the world.

  • johnny cakes

    Someone in power got greased.

  • miriamcb

    They are listed in the NYC database under Seedlings Playschool under permit 80298.

  • DoBro84

    Some news about 146 Pierrepont Street.

    Application approved on: 02/18/2015


    Details at: