Brooklyn Heights Pediatric Practice Tells Anti-Vaxxers to Take a Hike

Allow us to be blunt – anti-vaxxers are wrong, have never been right and have been following the advice of dopey celebrities and debunked “research” for far too long.

This week, parents whose children are patients at the Brooklyn Heights pediatric practice of Doctors O’Connor, Pytlak and Dalton were told that families who refuse to vaccinate their kids will be asked “to find another health care provider who shares your views.”

Good for them! Even more shocking is that there are anti-vaxxers in Brooklyn Heights. Come on people – wake up. Sure you don’t trust the government, or a nice children’s hospital, or a national organization of pediatricians but surely you’ll trust our favorite MAGICIAN, Penn Jillette. He says this is a problem created by POORLY EDUCATED RICH PEOPLE:

And the SciShow tries to explain the science of being wrong…or somethin':

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  • Anynymousey

    Which practice? Asking so I can move kids there. lol

  • HDEB

    Good for this pediatric practice taking a sensible step to protect its youngest patients from diseases that they are too young to be immunized for. Herd immunity works : )

  • BrooklynBugle

    We will reveal with their permission. Stand by.

  • Banet

    They sent the letter out to hundreds, if not thousands, of local families so I don’t think they were tring to do so ananymously. With that in mind, I’ll gladly disclose our love of the medical practive of Drs. Pytlak, Dalton and O’Connor. They don’t have a formal name — they’re on Monroe Street.

  • Km

    We love them too.
    And FYI, an eighteen month old child died of measles in Berlin a few days ago. The child had had some vaccines, but not the measles vaccine. Such a tragedy.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Here’s a better, slightly less academic Penn & Teller video on vaccinations:

  • suzanne goss

    Monroe Place, I think you mean.

  • StoptheChop

    I’m on a listserv that antivaxxers have been using to state their case. It’s clear to me that one of the benefits of being a “privileged” American is having a very short memory (in this case, health impacts on the country before 1963).

  • K

    Many thanks – I am pregnant and have been looking for a pediatrician’s office that doesn’t accept anti-vaxxers. Called today and made a new patient appointment!

  • guest

    They’re the best. Wonderful pediatricians!

  • jennifer

    Dr Pytlak’s office has sent out letters asking the same thing.

  • Earl of Clinton

    Admirable. Know what’s almost worse than anti vaxxers? Blogs with auto play ads that have the volume on.

  • mc

    Good for them! I’m a teacher whoI wishes I could tell anti-vaxxers to find another education provider for their kids . . .

  • Flavia Rodriguez

    I am really happy to hear about the action these doctors have taken. My kids are patients at this clinic and I support their approach. They are great and I recommend them.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Proud of them! Thanks for keeping our community healthy.