Ethan Hawke Film “Maggie’s Plan” Messing Up Parking This Week on Hicks Street

Boerum Hill resident Ethan Hawke’s movie “Maggie’s Plan” will be shooting on Hicks Street tomorrow and Wednesday. That would be all fine and dandy if the streets weren’t a slushy mess, alternate side parking rules are back in effect and the production is taking up all the spots south of Clark Street.

Don’t get us wrong we like Ethan Hawke. We paid to watch that ponderous time travel movie he did, admire his commitment to 12 years of shooting Boyhood and we even read his friggin’ books.

But folks – this is ridiculous. The streets are a mess. It’s going to snow tomorrow and alternate side rules are back in effect. So if YOU (and we) don’t move our cars by 5 AM – who knows where they’ll end up. The worker bee laying cones down couldn’t tell us if they’d tow cars or not as he was just following orders. This note doesn’t say if they will or won’t (we only saw a yellow sign, orange means they WILL tow..right?)

We called the production office and spoke to “Sandy” who told us, in a nutshell, sorry but tough luck we have a permit. It’s an indie film so they probably don’t have the budget to be courteous and reschedule.

So, if you’re as outraged as we are feel free to call the production office at 917-546-9041. The location manager’s name is “Ana”.

Update: We went back to Hicks and Clark after posting this. Checked the memo (included in tweet above) and it says that space is needed for one truck on the west side of Hicks. Another staffer on scene confirmed this and told us we could leave our car there with no problem tomorrow. If you’re parked there we suggest you check for yourself as Homer Fink’s Razor says – “Ask the same question many times and you may receive many different answers.”

Update: Went by Tuesday night. The shoot seemed to be well run, and the east side of Hicks seemed pretty much untouched. Most of the cars (including ours) were still there from last night and the space didn’t seem needed. With ASP suspended Wednesday, it looks like the impact of this shoot will be minimal on parking. Could have been much worse with a different crew/company.

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  • Miky

    For the most part this crew was courteous. They frankly did a better job of shoveling the sidewalks than some of those townhouses do on their own. My only complaint was that one or two heavy smoking guys from the crew tossed cigarette butts all over the sidewalk. I would have liked them to show some respect for the neighborhood by not littering all over. Overall, however, not a bad experience.