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To-Go Alcohol Is Over, With Some Help From Michael-Towne?

Alcohol “to-go” service from restaurants and bars is forbidden again, perhaps in part due to pressure from a liquor store trade group — headed by the owner of Michael-Towne Wine And Spirits — that viewed it as cutting into their business. Since March of last year, licensed restaurants and bars were given the permission to […]

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Ethan Hawke Film “Maggie’s Plan” Messing Up Parking This Week on Hicks Street

Boerum Hill resident Ethan Hawke’s movie “Maggie’s Plan” will be shooting on Hicks Street tomorrow and Wednesday. That would be all fine and dandy if the streets weren’t a slushy mess, alternate side parking rules are back in effect and the production is taking up all the spots south of Clark Street. Don’t get us […]

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Sparring Match: ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Crew Trashing The Heights—Or Not?

There’s a dynamic little sparring match taking place over in the Brownstoner forum. Heights’ Henry Street resident Dean Collins posted a comment & pic grumbling about Wednesday’s pervasive “Boardwalk Empire” shoot, insisting “Hey, ‘Empire’ producers, you left your sh*t in front of my apartment.” His comment reads: “Classless move. Came home to see that the […]

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Patsy Grimaldi Gets OK To Open Juliana’s Next To DUMBO’s Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Looks like Mr. Grimaldi is nobody’s patsy. A Queens judge has ruled that Patsy Grimaldi, founder of iconic Grimaldi’s Pizza, can open a competing pie joint next door to the flagship DUMBO location he sold to Frank Ciolli in 1998. In September, Ciolli sued the “coal oven legend,” charging he violated a non-compete clause by […]

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Heights Local To Mayor Bloomberg: ‘Enough Wit Da Helicopter Noise!’

At Thursday’s public celebration of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 opening, NYC Mayor Bloomberg took questions from press—and area residents. One local took the opportunity to raise the issue of Brooklyn Heights’ perpetual helicopter noise from tourist whirlybirds. Gothamist reports that Bloomberg acknowledged that helicopters taking off from lower Manhattan do fly within the vicinity […]

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‘Hail No': Initiative To Bring Livery Cabs To The Boroughs Is A Bust (For Now)

In a rare defeat for NYC Mayor Bloomberg and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice ruled Friday that the popular initiative to allow 18,000 livery cabs to take street hails from Manhattan to the outer boroughs and the upper reaches of the city is a no go. No doubt, this should […]

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Massive Mess: 111-115 Montague Street Sidewalk Will Be In Tatters For 3 Months

While the massive hole in front of 200 Hicks Street and Montague continues to get wider, deeper and messier, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Beginning this week, the entire sidewalk from the Chinese Hand Laundry and McCurdy Real Estate at 111 Montague up to Subway sandwiches at 115—which also encompasses retailers Peerless Shoe Repair and […]

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Clamorous Construction Continues Messing Up Montague

After crews spent a month widening the corners of Montague Street at Henry Street and another few weeks digging a sizable hole for telephone work in front of the Bossert Hotel—and separately replacing pipes & cables there—now the cacophonous construction mayhem has moved across the street in front of 200 Hicks Street. You can’t escape […]

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Forget Kustard King & Fresh Direct: How About A Raucous, Rumbling Stretch-Limo Bus?

Any Brooklyn Heights residents miffed by the buzzzz of the Kustard King ice cream truck parked along Pierrepont Street or the persistent rumbling of Fresh Direct freezer trucks at all hours might be interested to hear about the limousine-like bus parked along the entire Montague Street entrance to the Promenade Friday night. The vehicle’s AC […]

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Industry Group Takes Message To Streets To Oppose Bloomberg’s Proposed Sugar Soda Ban

A group created by the American soft drink industry is fighting back against NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s latest Nanny State mandate: to ban sugar sodas larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts. New Yorkers for Beverage Choices has been sending its message out across the city—including the local Regal/United Artists movie theater […]

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