Massive Mess: 111-115 Montague Street Sidewalk Will Be In Tatters For 3 Months

While the massive hole in front of 200 Hicks Street and Montague continues to get wider, deeper and messier, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Beginning this week, the entire sidewalk from the Chinese Hand Laundry and McCurdy Real Estate at 111 Montague up to Subway sandwiches at 115—which also encompasses retailers Peerless Shoe Repair and Connecticut Muffin—will be torn to bits.

The superintendent for the Berkeley and Grosvenor apartment buildings at 111 & 115 Montague tells BHB that infrastructure work below the sidewalk will endure for a minimum of three months. Oh, joy!

(Photos: Chuck Taylor) At top, the mess at 200 Hicks. Below, a last look at the sidewalk on Montague along the impacted area.

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  • Rick

    Are they installing a velodrome?

  • Wiley E.

    Yes, and Tina Turner is singing like a jackhammer everyday.

  • fios

    We gettin’ FiOS? I’d kill for a TWC alternative over here.

  • Neighbor Hood

    @Wiley E…you’re stealing my jokes dude!

  • Lou K.

    I support the traffic calming measures the DOT is installing. Drivers need to slow down! If it takes a couple months to rearrange things do be it.

  • Arch Stanton

    Lou K, The work at the 111-115 buildings has nothing to do with the curb extensions. It is to replace the sidewalk vault that contains the boilers for the two buildings.

  • j

    I heard the excavation is being done to create a subterranean soundproof restaurant/bar for the Bossert.

  • None

    In september, notices were posted that scaffolding would go up on The Breukelen for 3 weeks for repointing work… In July, the scaffolding finally came down

    Hope the sidewalk work goes better, but not only will they get their infrastructure improved but 200 Hicks gets brand new sidewalk and nice new granite curbs – how tragic is this?