Manhattan Based Blogger Likes Iris Cafe in Willowtown

Upper West Side based blogger Tracy Kaler recently visited Iris Cafe in Willowtown. After schlepping all the way here, she posted a positive review. She liked it! She really liked it! Take that, Manhattan!

Tracy’s New York Life: The place feels so yummy inside (even before you’ve bitten into any item on the menu) that you’ll insist on grazing at your tiny table for hours on end. In fact, if I lived closer, they’d surely get sick of me.

Mike and I shared a variety of dishes, all of which were innovative and unbelievably tasty. Iris’s offerings rotate seasonally, and the chef adjusts ingredients accordingly. What can you expect to find on the menu? There will be bright, colorful pastas with just the right amount of flavor, perfectly grilled octopus that might be the best you’ve ever eaten, and a selection of unique starters that could include brussel sprouts croquettes, pumpkin carpaccio, shisito peppers, and hen of the woods mushrooms.

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  • jenna

    very glad to see this. although i’ve never eaten here b/c i’m a vegan i think it’s a really cute place and happy to see them doing well. once spotted lena dunham eating lunch there.

  • Carlotta

    Food is very good And, you can have a conversation without shouting! That’s a big plus.

  • Solovely

    hooray! food is most frabjous!

  • DIBS

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Boerum Bill

    Bummed they stopped serving the breakfast baguette in the cafe. You have to pick it up at the store and eat it elsewhere.