Siggy’s Good Food Closes for Good in Brooklyn Heights

Earlier this week, Henry Street’s Siggy’s Good Food closed its doors forever. As previously reported, the health food establishment – where “aliens ate free” – announced it would be shutting down at the end of February.

Owner Siggy Sollitto spoke with the Brooklyn Paper this week, saying:

Brooklyn Paper: Sollitto is not completely shocked that her creative culinary enterprise has been forced out of Brooklyn Heights, though.

“That’s what always happens to the artists,” she said. “Look at Dumbo, they can’t afford to live there anymore.”

Sollitto launched a second Siggy’s in Manhattan in 2012, and it is still open. But she said city regulations are making it tough to run a business in that distant borough, citing the health department as a particularly pronounced source of headaches.


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  • regularmike

    WHAT?! This is a tragedy. We order takeout from there almost every week. Best burger, best smoothies, best mac and cheese, best chicken sandwich, friendliest staff, healthiest ingredients. Terrible.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Welcome to the new Brooklyn. All high-priced condos — no more hospitals (LICH), no more movie theater or library, losing good restaurants and other small businesses. Real estate won over our politicians and we are the losers.

  • Moni

    Correction: Real Estate interests BOUGHT our politicians.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Correction accepted.

  • ujh

    I’ve never eaten at Siggy’s, therefore can’t comment on the quality of food (which has been lauded on the Blog), but all restaurants operate under the same health department regulations. Early in Siggy’s operation, the community board dealt with complaints from neighbors, which led to findings that the restaurant kitchen’s exhaust system didn’t comply with the law. Ms. Sollitto’s remarks in the Brooklyn Paper leads me to assume that new, or continued, public health or environmental concerns have led to the restaurant’s closing rather than an unsustainable rent increase.

  • Sally

    I’m beyond furious that Siggy’s is done. I hardly ever got to eat there because it was so insanely busy all the time.

  • regularmike

    Which remarks? I assume the issue with the exhaust system was fixed, so I’m not sure why that should get them branded as a public health menace, considering they served some of the healthiest and most sustainable food in the neighborhood. We all know that the rents have increased a great deal, so that can’t just be dismissed as a factor.

  • Jv

    Such a tremendous loss to the neighborhood!!!