Finksky Introskys Yassky at Blogfest 2009sky

The 2009 Brooklyn Blogfest was held last night at Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO.  Uber-bloggers Brownstoner and Gothamist were on hand in addition to about 300 others.    The two take-aways from the Fest panel came from pro-blogger Jake Dobkin of Gothamist: 1)blogging professionally is like having sex for money and 2) If you’re just blogging about yourself all the time there’s no point. Write about a topic you’re interested in and collaborate with others. He added, “there only needs to be one Brooklyn Heights Blog.”  Check out the discussion of Blogfest on Twitter.

But the “fun” really kicked in at the Galapagos Art Space after-party.  During the blogger “shout out” I found myself in line ahead of our man in the City Council/ NYC Comptroller candidate David Yassky.   After being introduced by attorney/contributor/local blogger Claude Scales, I identified myself and said to the somewhat indifferent crowd, “it’s my pleasuresky to introdusky our man in the City Councilsky, Mr. David Yassky.”  (Apparently, Yassky has no problemsky with our predilectionsky for adding “sky” at the endsky of all our reportingsky about himsky.)

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  • AEB

    A response from Mr. Yassky to my thumbs-down email to him on the Two Trees project:

    “…Thank you so much for your comments regarding the [Save the Brooklyn Bridge (!)] proposal. Please be assured that I am doing everything possible to protect the Brooklyn Bridge. I do not feel that the community should have to make a decision between a badly needed middle school and a Brooklyn icon. Therefore I am calling on the School Construction Authority (SCA) to do a thorough site search and to open discussions with other interested developers about alternative sites.

    “Since the initial unveiling of a proposed development on this site in 2004, I have been working closely with both the Brooklyn Heights Association and the DUMBO Neighborhood Association. At that time, the original building proposed by Two Trees Management was withdrawn from consideration after it became clear that the design would not have passed the council. I said then and continue to say now, that I will not support any building at that site which was higher than the roadway of the Bridge. Two Trees is now dangling the prospect of the site for a middle school as a means to win support for their project.

    “The SCA initially determined that a new school was unnecessary for our district. Now, without conducting thorough research, they have pronounced the Dock St building to be the only viable location. We have requested that the SCA conduct further research into these sites before we make a regrettable, irreversible decision.

    Thank you so much for your support in this matter….”

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Great to meet Homer, Mrs Fink and Claude Scales in person. i was very happy that i attended, got to meet so many faces of people I feel I’ve come to know behind the screens.

  • Homer Fink

    Wanted to add something here: I’ve read some commentary on other blogs about Yassky and other politicians “crashing” last night’s event. They think that’s a bad thing. They are so wrong it hurts my head to even process the concept. What this medium has fostered is the necessity for our elected officials to collaborate with their community in a more productive way than just kissing babies and shaking hands at election time. The BHB community and readers of all Brooklyn blogs should hold official’s feet to the fire when appropriate, but at the same time we should all follow the Golden Rule. No one should think that anyone from government is “violating their space” for simply attempting to introduce themselves to their constituency.

    Disagree with them all you like, just be a mensch about it … on both sides.

  • nabeguy

    Well put Homer. Why don’t you make a run for Yassky’s

  • Lillian Ann Slugocki

    I agree, I liked meeting the politicos. They need to come out of hiding.