Hell Bent for Leather: Yassky Comes Out Swinging After Judge Makes Sexist Remark

Brooklyn Heights resident/Pace Law School dean David Yassky has turned a judge’s slip of the tongue into a “teachable moment”.

Above the Law: Last Thursday, October 9, the New York Appellate Division (Second Department) held an oral argument session at Pace Law School. The court explained that it was holding the session at Pace as part of its “continuing effort to better serve its constituents.”

A tipster tells AtL, during a case “involving a motorcycle accident, a woman arguing the case said something to the effect that she had never ridden a motorcycle before. One of the judges (male) joked that he thought she would look good in leather.”

Holy Inappropriate, Batman!

No worries, folks, Dean Yassky to the rescue. According to the report, the dean wrote a letter to the school saying the remarks were “plainly inappropriate” and that the panel of four judges had apologized to the lawyer involved. He added that he’s asked for the school to hold a “panel discussion on gender equality in the practice of law” soon.

Read his full memo here.

Photo: Then NYC Councilmember Yassky gets his flu shot in 2008. Marc Hermann/BHB

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