#ICYMI: Great Stuff from the Brooklyn Bugle

The Brooklyn Bugle’s en fuego with recent posts that will interest you.

From Mark Joyella (@standupkid):

Dwell Thinks Its Aviation-Inspired Sheets Are ‘Inappropriate’ for My Daughter

The latest Tell the Bartender podcast from Katherine Heller:

Tell the Bartender Episode 44: LIVE with Janeane Garofalo, Mara Wilson and Jeffrey Cranor!

And Tim Sommer’s Noise the Column balances out with this:

Some Positive Things About Sting, Jam Bands and the Yankees

Tim also “solves” a punk rock mystery with:
What Happened to Sid’s Ashes? Let’s Ask John Lydon

Like books? Check out:

Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “Visitation” by Jenny Erpenbeck, translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky

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